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High Service Quality at Car Dealerships with our industry-specific Complaint Management Solution

Benefit from the first industry-specific complaint management system according to ISO 9001 requirements and tailor-made surveys to continuously measure customer satisfaction.

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Solutions for car dealerships & garages

Guarantee a high service quality in your car dealership and automobile workshop with Spectos Automotive

Spectos Automotive is our holistic solution for a continuous service quality monitoring in the automotive sector. High service quality in automotive dealerships and garages has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Due to relatively expensive goods and services in the automotive industry, consumers always make well-informed purchasing decisions. Social media and consumer portals provide plenty information for customers to choose the right car dealership – or to avoid it. An excellent performance in individual cases is therefore no longer enough to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. An individual shopping experience quickly finds its way to various rating platforms, where an entire community can decide on your economic success.

Thus, a complete quality management in car dealerships and garages has become indispensable in maintaining the necessary trust for long-term business relationships. With Spectos Automotive, the customer experience becomes measurable and controllable at your points of sale and any touchpoint of the customer journey. Capture the opinion of your customers on site through our tailor-made satisfaction surveys and establish sustainable quality-enhancing measures gained from these insights. Combine this approach with Spectos Mystery Shopping to obtain an even deeper knowledge of your actual service quality. Our well-trained study participants can provide you with additional impulses to improve your consultation offers and services.

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Measuring service quality at the touch of a button with Spectos Automotive

In order to meet the high demands of the automotive industry in dealing with customer satisfaction and complaints, our solution for a complete reporting was developed in close cooperation with a well-known automotive group. Spectos Automotive is the first industry-specific complaint management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. It allows you to continuously improve your service quality, and is further supported by an integrated ticket system.

The Spectos Automotive Cockpit allows you to easily call up daily, weekly or monthly reports on your quality key figures like the net promoter score or customer satisfaction index at the touch of a button. With this you can keep a central overview of all trends and developments.

Example reports on customer satisfaction in car dealerships

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