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Why continual insights into customer satisfaction at your car dealership or automobile workshop are important

From time to time it happens that disappointed customers do not express their dissatisfaction with your service and quietly switch to your competitors. In such cases, your customer does not give you at all the chance on compensation; your complaint management system simply fails. Voicing criticism means to most people to move out of one’s comfort zone. A one-sided communication offer from a service provider like a car dealership can result in customers not ready and willing to express their honest feedback about their satisfaction with your services.

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Continuous insight into customer satisfaction in car dealerships or workshops

As each customer is unique, it is important to provide the appropriate communication channel for everyone. With Spectos Automotive you will be able to combine different media: Feedback on the service in your car dealership or in your garage can be transmitted to you via multiple channels at any time and from any location. Adapt flexibly to the different habits of your customers. You will be rewarded with a high response rate in your surveys and will benefit from honest information. With a tailor-made survey strategy, you demonstrate special sensitivity in dealing with your customers and sustainably increase the service quality in your car dealership and automobile workshop. Your rewards are higher customer satisfaction in car dealerships and increased customer loyalty.

How to increase service quality with Spectos Automotive?

Your advantages with Spectos Automotive

  • Improved image of your car dealership or garage
  • High customer satisfaction with the prospect of recommendation to others
  • Ability to respond to criticism and complaints in real-time
  • Low personnel and time expenditure
  • Multiple online and offline survey channels to match everyone’s communication preferences
  • Survey channels and advertising media according to your corporate design
  • Flexible questionnaires which can be adapted individually
  • Centralized summary of all results in Spectos Automotive Cockpit
  • Easy to understand evaluation of the results in reports and visual presentations
  • Automated evaluation of results in real time
  • Integrated ticket system
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Tailor-made survey strategies to continuously measure customer satisfaction in car dealerships and automobile workshops

Use Spectos Automotive to measure the customer satisfaction in car dealerships and learn more about how your service is experienced. Whether on site via tablet or online via web, e-mail or smartphone: The surveys of Spectos Automotive last only a few seconds and capture specific criticism and wishes of your customers. Combine different communication channels to create your own survey strategy and design questionnaires with which you learn exactly what you always wanted to know from your customers. The surveys with Spectos Automotive are very intuitive and easy to understand.

Satisfaction survey in a car dealership
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A simple and sustainable integration of our systems into your proven processes is of great importance to us. This is why our experts not only support you in the development of your questionnaires, but also with the implementation of your personal survey strategy and the subsequent evaluation of the results. Use Spectos Automotive to open up new creative ways to motivate your customers to participate in your survey.

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Criticism as your chance to establish sustainable actions and increase service quality and customer satisfaction in car dealerships and workshops

Regardless of the survey channel used by your customers, all results will be transmitted to your user cockpit in real time and are immediately available to you. Based on this, and in combination with the integrated ticket system of Spectos Automotive, you are informed in real-time of feedback and complaints of your customers and can react immediately. By voluntarily indicating the customer number or the vehicle symbol, individual cases can be clearly assigned so that you can make personal contact after finding a solution. Use a professional complaint management built on a strong dialogue to turn your customers into fans of your service and valuable brand ambassadors.

Example reports on customer satisfaction in car dealerships
Example view from the automotive ticket system

Critical comments offer the opportunity to improve your service and to derive sustainable quality-enhancing measures. The continuous recording and processing of your customers’ feedback increases your customer satisfaction in car dealerships and significantly improves the customer experience. Put your service to the test on a regular basis: Mystery shopping in car dealerships and garages guarantees you a consistently high service quality.

Technical facts on surveys of customer experience & customer satisfaction in car dealerships

  • Multi-channel feedback via SMS, email, QR codes/short links, app, feedback terminals, website, smartphone, tablet, service hotline or classic paper survey with digitization service by Spectos
  • Centralized summary of all data in a uniform platform of the Mobility Cockpit
  • Integrated ticket system for fast handling of customer requests and complaints
  • Real-time notifications via alert management with email, SMS or push notification

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