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About Spectos – Service Quality matters.

The Spectos Group, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, operates internationally in the fields of data collection, data analysis, technology, digitization and operations. For more than 17 years, Spectos has been supporting customers from Logistics, Mobility, Healthcare, Consumer Services, Urban & Public Services, Commerce with tailor-made B2B solutions for the monitoring, management and design of their service quality. Using state-of-the-art technologies, Spectos combines the voice of the customer through an enterprise feedback management system with operational data from ERP and CRM systems, as well as sensor data gathered from specialized technologies such as real-time tracking, RFID systems or WiFi tracking.

Our mission is to make data and information tangible for all organizations and thus close the gap between analysis and action, creating opportunities for growth and improvement on a daily basis.

Spectos and Kizy Tracking offices on a worldmap

Our locations globally: The yellow pins represent Spectos offices, and the red pins Kizy Tracking.

Spectos has been supporting leading companies with business performance improvement for over 17 years.

The experts of Spectos support companies in collecting and analyzing high-quality data in real-time and having it available through online cockpits and apps at the touch of a button. Solutions by Spectos are used in the sectors of Post & Logistics, Healthcare, Mobility, Automotive and many more.

In November 2018, Kizy Tracking SA became part of the Spectos Group.

See in this video a brief introduction to the Spectos portfolio.


  1. Spectos Logo

    2001 Initial Business Establishment by Niels Delater

    The Research & Technology Company was founded in Dresden in 2001.

  2. Bicycle delivery as an optional part of Spectos measurements

    2003 Early Beginnings in Service Quality Monitoring

    Spectos' long record of service quality monitoring experience in the logistics industry starts in 2003, when German postal provider TNT Post Germany entrusted the company with the measurement of its service quality.

  3. Reports and analysis as part of the Spectos approach

    2006 Launch of Spectos GmbH

    Foundation of Spectos GmbH and expansion of business areas. Development of the Spectos BI system begins.

  4. Hanoi as a site of Spectos

    2009 Opening of Office in Hanoi

    The opening of Spectos Asia in Hanoi simplified the company's globalization. Expansion of business into other sectors begins.

  5. Example cockpit of Spectos

    2010 First Monitoring Company to Receive Certification

    Spectos GmbH is the first company to receive TÜV certification according to European standards EN 13850/14534

  6. Development of mobile service quality monitoring solutions

    2011 Getting started with Mobile Research

    The development of mobile-first technology and integration of QR code solutions facilitated the entry into mobile service quality monitoring solutions..

  7. Further expansion of Spectos by opening an office in Brussels.

    2012 Opening of Office in Brussels

    Expansion of European business by opening another Spectos office in Brussels, Belgium. This marks the beginning of many international quality monitoring projects to come.

  8. Tablet with Feedbackstr App by Spectos

    2013 Launch of Feedbackstr

    International launch of the easy-to-use enterprise feedback management system Feedbackstr by Spectos

  9. Opening of Spectos office in Vancouver, Canada.

    2014 Opening of Office in Vancouver

    The addition of an office in Vancouver, Canada, made the expansion to the North American market a full success

  10. Ameos Terminals from Spectos

    2018 Healthcare digitization offensive with AMEOS

    Roll-out of multi-channel Healthcare patient surveys to all 80 facilities of the AMEOS Group at 44 locations throughout the German-speaking region. Implementation of multi-channel employee surveys.

  11. Kizy Tracking is now part of Spectos

    2018 Kizy Tracking becomes part of Spectos

    With the strategic investment in Kizy Tracking AG, Spectos is expanding its solutions in the Smart Logistics and IoT sectors.