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With over a decade of technology-driven market research experience and a leading presence across the globe, Spectos delivers customers with the eye-opening data they need to sustainably improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. By providing highly effective SaaS & PaaS solutions based on the Six Sigma methodology, Spectos delivers a dependable framework for measuring, sharing, and acting on customer & employee feedback throughout entire organizations.

With built-in internal communication tools, rich & responsive data representations, insightful cross-location comparisons, role-based data access, automated notification systems, and modern social media filters, Spectos provides its users with a centralized platform for valuable omni-channel customer data, empowering them to win and retain more customers than ever before – and make them even happier in the process! The platform is enhanced by dedicated project management teams, panel services & multi-language support to build and maintain large scale projects for multinational organizations.

  • Dresden Office (HQ)

    Theaterstr. 6

    01067 Dresden

    P: +49 351 320 250

  • Amsterdam Office

    Naarderstraat 221

    1272 NJ Huizen


    P: +31 35 544 78 63

  • Brussels Office

    Avenue Adolphe Lacomblé 59-61
    1030 Brussels

    P: +32 2 736 76 31

  • Hanoi Office

    Room 706, CMC Tower, Duy Tan Street

    Cau Giay District, Hanoi


    P: +84 4 397 44769

Spectos has been supporting leading companies with business performance improvement for over 15 years.

Our goal is to make information tangible for all levels of organizations and therefore close the gap between actions and insights, creating room for growth & improvements on a daily basis.

The first step towards progress starts with understanding and viewing processes from the customer’s perspective, as well as not only listening to, but also learning from the voice of the customer to improve daily business operations.


  1. 2001 Initial Business Establishment by Niels Delater

    The Research & Monitoring Company was founded in 2001 by CEO Niels Delater

  2. 2003 Early Beginnings in Service Quality Monitoring

    Spectos' long record of service quality monitoring experience in the logistics industry started in 2003, when German postal provider TNT Post Germany entrusted the Market Research Institute with the measurement of their service quality

  3. 2006 Launch of Spectos GmbH

    To fulfill increasing demand and expand business even further, Spectos GmbH was founded, now one of Germany's leading Market Research Institutes

  4. 2009 Opening of Office in Hanoi

    The opening of Spectos Asia in Hanoi simplified the company's globalization & expansion into the booming retail industry

  5. 2010 First Monitoring Company to Receive Certification

    Spectos GmbH was the first Market Research Institute to receive TÜV certification according to European standards EN 13850/14534

  6. 2011 Entry Into the Mobile Research Field

    The development of mobile-first technology and integration of QR code solutions facilitated the entry into mobile market research

  7. 2012 Opening of Office in Brussels

    The opening of another Spectos office in Brussels, Belgium marked the begin of the first of many international quality monitoring projects to come

  8. 2013 Establishment of Brand Feedbackstr

    International launch of the easy-to-use enterprise feedback management system, Feedbackstr

  9. 2014 Opening of Office in Vancouver

    The addition of an office in Vancouver, Canada, made the expansion to the North American market a full success