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Our Team

Our team is composed of industry experts with international backgrounds and a variety of refined skills. We speak your language and have a broad knowledge of market research, software solutions, statistics, technology, cloud applications, customer service, quality management, Six Sigma, and, most importantly, professional project management. Get to know us better!

Meet Our C-Level

The following people are the committed & dedicated individuals who built Spectos from the ground up and remained loyal to the company’s visions from the very beginning. Each of them have their own differing passions, areas of expertise, and innovative ideas, making them the perfectly well-rounded management team.


Niels Delater (CEO)

Niels Delater is Founder & CEO of Spectos and has been connected with the transforming postal industry since the early days of liberalization in Germany in 1998. Delater studied Engineering and Architecture at the Dresden University of Technology before founding Spectos in 2001. Since then, he has successfully completed a Business Management course at the Boston Business School, achieved his Six Sigma Black Belt, and became a TÜV QMB (Quality Management Representative), and regularly attended Performance Dashboard courses. Delater is an expert in the CEN – the Committee for European Standardization.

Ringo Großer (CIO)

Großer studied Economics at the Dresden University of Technology and ran an independent agency for communication and web design before becoming CIO as Spectos in 2006. Since then, he has actively developed Spectos’ array of performance management systems. Großer is also no stranger to management and Six Sigma training, especially in connection with the SCRUM model.

Meet our team

We are a team of researchers, engineers, designers, mathematicians, data analysts, and experienced account managers, completely capable of successfully managing all of our clients’ requirements.

Team Overview Spectos

We are all for great quality and challenges – and enjoy brainstorming together at and after work!

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    As Spectos' Scrum Master, I support our team of developers in meeting the requirements of the scrum model, finding solutions for any challenges in the sofftware development process, and in the creation of great products.

    – Linh, Scrum Master
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    I am responsible for the international projects at Spectos - from the planning and execution to the evaluation and communication with customers.

    – Stéphane, International Business Development
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    I'm Spectos' System Administrator. My job consists of designing, implementing, and maintaining our IT & Web infrastructure. I'm also responsible for the help desk support & hardware maintenance at our Hanoi office. In other words, I ensure that my co-workers always have access to the resources they need to work productively.

    – Jérôme, System Administrator
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    I'm the Deputy Manager at Spectos Asia. It's my job to always know what's going on in each individual project, which is a great responsibility.

    – Trang, Deputy Manager
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    I support clients with quality monitoring projects not only in the postal and logistics industry, also in the financial, health insurance, and trading sectors.

    – Daniel, Senior Consultant
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    As the CIO/CTO at Spectos, I am responsible for the infrastructure and the implementation of Spectos products and services. In close collaboration with the founder of Spectos, I am involved in all possible areas of daily operations, including strategy design, analyses, product development, project and workforce management, controlling, sales, and customer support.

    – Ringo, CIO/CTO

The Spectos Group wishes you and your family Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Our team from Spectos Asia