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Service Quality matters

How do you manage the quality of your services?

The Spectos Service Quality Solutions help you to monitor and improve your Service Quality. Turn your data into targeted action.

What we do
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Our Service Quality Management solutions

Understand business operations and customers like never before.

Excellent service quality grows your business and lets you stand out from the competition. Our solutions are customized and scaled for any business. Learn how we can support you in continuously improving the quality of your services.

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    Postal & Logistics

    Gain in-depth information on your delivery quality and supply chain performance with our end-to-end transit time measurements.

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    We help to measure the pulse of your health organization's integral support system.

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    The passenger journey is always measured by how satisfied a person is. Let us show you how to make every ride a pleasant one!


Your service quality indicators in real time and at a glance with the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management Suite™

Derive implementable findings from your service quality data

Sustainable service quality management has never been easier with the real-time reports of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management Suite™.

Spectos RTPM™ Suite

Your business depends on the long-term satisfaction of your stakeholders.

500,000 undeliverable mail items per month are properly identified by our Returns Management system.“

9+ million test letters sent within Germany, across Europe and globally.“

1+ million feedbacks from more than 20,000 surveys gathered.“

“More than 200,000 panelists in 20+ countries for market research, mystery shopping and mystery calls.“

“Over 300,000 test items per year are produced in our letter shop.“

50,000 calls and interviews in 8 languages are conducted per month by the Spectos Support Center“

“Our mail test items have traveled the equivalent of 6 times to the moon

“In 2017 alone, Spectos video coded 7+ million mail items

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Spectos develops digital solution for Samsung Pay support