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Passenger Satisfaction as a Factor of Success

Spectos Mobility enables local and long-distance transport service providers to continuously monitor and improve the quality of their own services and sustainably strengthen the relationship of trust with their passenger community.

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Our data-driven Mobility Solutions

Stay in the fast lane with Spectos Mobility

The high quality demands of consumers also affect the mobility industry and become increasingly decisive for the economic success of the mass transport service providers. The easy accessibility of numerous car-sharing opportunities or other attractive alternatives such as Uber complicate the market position of public transport. Reliable service and passenger loyalty are becoming extremely important.

With Spectos Mobility you measure the satisfaction of your passengers at important touch points along their passenger journey: rides, lines, vehicles, stations, service centers. Spectos offers a digital multi-channel solution so that passengers can give feedback easily and according to their preferred way of communication. Results are visualized in real-time in cockpits tailored to your individual needs, thus ensuring that all insights and analyses are not missed in regards to the service quality of your organization.

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Bring your enthusiastic Passenger Community to life with Spectos Mobility.

The Spectos Mobility Cockpit provides you and your team with real-time access to all collected data based on quality criteria you set up for your transport organization. Depending on the requirements and responsibilities of individual departments and employees, you receive individualized, area-specific cockpits, key figures, reports and analyses categorized according to demographic characteristics, stops, lines, vehicles, and much more. In Europe, quality standards such as EN 13816 are strictly adhered to drive customer satisfaction and referral behavior.


Data from passenger surveys at the Spectos Mobility Cockpit