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Service Quality counts.

How do you manage the quality of your services?

Companies often introduce new products and services to maintain competitiveness. However, it is the service quality and the resulting customer satisfaction that are decisive for long-term business success. We at Spectos support industries with high quality requirements in the implementation of tailor-made solutions for continuous control and improvement of service quality. Our mission is to make data and information tangible, to close the gap between analysis and action, and to achieve continuous improvement in day-to-day business. Key element is our in-house developed Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite for the ongoing monitoring of business-relevant information in real time.

Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite

Service quality management encompasses a variety of processes used to assess the quality of services according to customer expectations. It also includes the maintenance and long-term monitoring of all of the services offered to customers, as to track developments in quality and measure the efficiency of improvement efforts.

By measuring the size of the gap between expectations and reality, companies are delivered with actionable suggestions and ideas for targeted improvements, and profit from the additional benefit of getting to know their target audiences much better along the way. Moreover, it enables companies to identify and reduce sources of errors and customer complaints.

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Service Quality Management: How to measure service quality and why this is important

Unlike measuring product quality, determining the concrete value of services is less based on tangible facts. If a product breaks, there’s an indisputable problem with its construction. The quality of services, however, can only truly be determined by analyzing a substantial amount of customer opinions over time, enabling the establishment of correlations and overlapping trends.

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Monitor Patientenzufriedenheit

To therefore measure service quality in a way that will produce actionable (and meaningful) results, companies require a continuous source of specific information describing individual service interactions. This enables the specific analysis of individual customer service touch points and provides companies with the data they need to make targeted improvements to the areas that matter most to customers. All of this and more can be achieved with a Service Quality Management System.

Benefits of using a Service Quality Management system

  • Create and measure your own definition of customer and employee satisfaction, enabling the custom evaluation of success according to the factors important to you
  • Implement a measurement system to capture the exact data you need, saving time and cutting costs otherwise spent digging through heaps of data
  • Receive custom performance reports, such as NPS, satisfaction rankings, and benchmarks to view business performance from varied perspectives
  • Continuously monitor the development of results in collaboration with entire teams, resulting in closer and more transparent collaboration and reduced response times
  • Use a bonus-malus system based on service performance achievements and motivate teams and contractors to do an even better job
  • Close the gap between customer expectations and service reality to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty
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Our holistic system for reliable management of service quality

In order to continuously improve your service quality according to existing requirements, you need targeted information about individual interactions with your customers, employees and partners. For many companies, survey and data collection processes are difficult to implement because they are very time-consuming and costly. With our easily integrated, pragmatic solutions, we support you in managing service quality.

Authentic insights into your service quality: How to succeed

The collection of feedback at important contact points is the basis for every quality improvement action. Ensure that your customers and stakeholders are able to communicate their genuine impressions to you at the moment of the event, so that you get authentic insights into your existing service quality. Take criticism as an opportunity. Our immediate alerts and notifications ensure that you don’t miss any important event so you can immediately seize the opportunity to make amends.

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We offer the right solution for all companies – even those that cannot immediately collect feedback due to existing processes. For example, we can develop automated data collection campaigns that provide you with continuous information without you having to take action yourself. Our Spectos RTPM™ Suite, certified according to ISO 9001:2015, gives you valuable and relevant data in real time, allowing you to take immediate and flexible measures to improve quality so that you never miss an important event.

We assist you with the following points

  • Definition of individual processes for quality measurement of internal teams and/or external consultants
  • Implementation of a measurement system suitable for your operations, processes and touchpoints
  • Integration of results into incentive systems
  • Daily, weekly or monthly comparison of current results to past service quality
  • Ticketing and To-Do system for your entire organization to increase efficiency
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Our Solutions

Understand your business operations like never before with Spectos.

Excellent service quality grows your business and lets you stand out from the competition. Our solutions are customized and scaled for any business. Learn how we can support you in continuously improving your service quality.

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    Postal & Logistics

    Gain in-depth information on your delivery quality and supply chain with our end-to-end transit time measurements.

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    We help to measure the pulse of our health organization's integral support system.

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    The passenger journey is always measured by how satisfied a person is. Let us show you how to make every ride a pleasant one!

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    From the moment your customer walks through the door, to the moment the pick up their vehicle, we are there to show you how satisfied they are.

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    Spectos Hospitality gives you deep insights into the needs and desires of our customers, thus allowing you to adapt your service.