Service Quality Management: How to Measure it and Why it’s Important

Service quality management encompasses a variety of processes used to assess the quality of services according to customer expectations. It also includes the mainentance and long-term monitoring of all of the services offered to customers, as to track developments in quality and measure the efficiency of improvement efforts.

By measuring the size of the gap between expectations and reality, companies are delivered with actionable suggestions and ideas for targeted improvements, and profit from the additional benefit of getting to know their target audiences much better along the way. Moreover, it enables companies to identify and reduce sources of errors and customer complaints.

Unlike measuring product quality, determining the concrete value of services is less based on tangible facts. If a product breaks, there’s an indisputable problem with its construction. The quality of services, however, can only truly be determined by analyzing a substantial amount of customer opinions over time, enabling the establishment of correlations and overlapping trends.

To therefore measure service quality in a way that will produce actionable (and meaningful) results, companies require a continuous source of specific information describing individual service interactions. This enables the specific analysis of individual customer service touch points and provides companies with the data they need to make targeted improvements to the areas that matter most to customers. All of this and more can be achieved with a Service Quality Management System.

What are the benefits of using a Service Quality Management System?

A Service Quality Management System is used to communicate to employees how a company defines success and what needs to be done to offer and maintain high-quality services, and is also used as a management technique to motivate employees and influence their behavior and interactions with customers.

Implement a centralized Service Quality Management System to monitor service quality across all company touch points and use the following beneficial features to improve your organization for good:

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