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Automotive Mystery Shopping for an external perspective on your service quality

The purchase of a new car means something special for most consumers as it is also a decision with far-reaching consequences. This is why personal emotions and logical arguments have equal weight on the purchase decision. Smallest negative impressions at the car dealership can result in the customer not buying despite lengthy sales conversations. A high service quality at all points of the customer journey in the car dealership such as on- and offline presentation, reception, consultation and point of sale guarantees not only short-term success, but also leads to long-lasting customer relationships with the prospect of being recommended to others.

Find out more about how customers perceive your service quality with our Spectos Automotive Mystery Shopping service. Our undercover study participants objectively evaluate the experience from the customer’s point of view and reflect the service quality actually provided. Use these insights to continual optimize your processes. This will support you in permanently increasing the satisfaction of your customers and strengthen customer loyalty through a trusting relationship.

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Mystery Shopping for Car Dealerships and Automobile Workshops

Put your service quality to the test

Do you know how convincing the service quality at your car dealership is? Find out with our Automotive Mystery Shopping and put the reality of your dealership or garage to the test.

Your benefits from Automotive Mystery Shopping

  • Systematic quality control of predefined service factors of the customer journey: greeting, waiting time, availability of contact person, handling of escalation cases, expertise, friendliness, and much more
  • Authentic insights into customer experience and service quality
  • Quality assessments based on objective observation criteria
  • Identification of weaknesses and potential training needs
  • Internal and external benchmarking
  • Spectos panel with high-quality study participants
  • Training and supervision of study participants by Spectos
  • Sustainable improvement of your service quality
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Automotive Mystery Shopping as a means to identify weak points and optimize the customer experience

Mystery Shopping is a participatory observation. The quality of the knowledge gained strongly depends on the person carrying out the observation. This is why we use study participants from our Spectos panel for your test purchases. Regular trainings, evaluations and quality controls ensure a high-quality group of participants who are flexible and reliably available. Together with you we select suitable test buyers for your Automotive Mystery Shopping. Since our study participants are recruited from all sections of the population, your target group can be precisely defined. In this way, we can set up your tailor-made study panel in the shortest possible time.

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Define with us all relevant service factors which you would like to check. Our study participants will then objectively evaluate individual aspects of your service based on a predefined questionnaire. They will not only examine the actual service, such as purchasing advice, but also core elements like welcoming and waiting time, information quality, availability of the desired contact person, complaints handling and the friendliness and competence of the service staff.

The results of the mystery shopping are transmitted to your Spectos Automotive Cockpit. By means of the web application you will receive all data as visually prepared and easy-to-understand reports. Respond to the impressions of our test buyers by deriving quality-enhancing measures. For maximum insight, we recommend combining mystery shopping with satisfaction surveys in your car dealership and garage. In this way, you will gain an even deeper understanding of what customers in the automotive industry really want and can continuously improve the service quality in your automotive dealership.

Example Overview of all trends in the Spectos Automotive Cockpit

Spectos Automotive Mystery Shopping includes the following services

  • Mystery Calling and Mystery Shopping
  • Availability of a Spectos Panel with more than 200.000 study participants worldwide
  • Setup, support and maintenance of your panel
  • Continuous maintenance and expansion of your panel
  • Individual training of study participants (e.g. Mystery Test)
  • Regular evaluation of study participants
  • Continuous verification of participant data (in writing, by telephone and online)
  • Development of questionnaires with your specific quality criteria
  • Provision of survey channels
  • Presentation of results in visually prepared reports via the Automotive Cockpit