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Bosch Car Service HELP

Bosch Car Service HELP in Dresden offers a wide range of automobile services. Their range of services includes not only car repair and maintenance, but also sale and rental of car trailers, sale of car equipment, conversions of normal vehicles to disabled-friendly cars, as well as GPS and load safety inspection.

Satisfied Customers

Bosch required a way to measure customer satisfaction right after services were complete. The two pressing issues for Bosch in creating the survey was how to rate their mechanics and car inspection. The customers were to be informed of the survey powered by Feedbackstr and encouraged to submit their feedback. The challenge was in trying to reach and engage customers to submit their feedback’s at the right place and time.

Creation of Digital Feedback

The team at Spectos created a customized flyer that could be hung on the vehicles’ front mirrors. This was used to inform customers of the survey and motivate them to submit their feedback. In the Boschs center, tablets and flyers were made available to customers.

Weekly and daily analysis helps Bosch stay on top of the newest results and suggestions, making it easier to react to customer wishes. Additionally, the survey and the results are made available on Bosch’s website.

Bosch Car Service HELP means Service Quality

Spectos’ Feedbackstr solution has allowed the Bosch team in Dresden to improve its image as an innovative and customer-oriented team. The services at the center have already been optimized thanks to customer feedback.

Key Facts

  • Brand-independent garage
  • Professional master service
  • Testing technology for main examinations & inspections


  • Real-time quality monitoring
  • Evaluation of automobile technician and vehicle inspection

Spectos Solution

  • Multichannel-measurement for customer satisfaction
  • Flyers in vehicles, tablets in the service area
  • Boosting the image for the target group
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