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Spectos Postal & Logistics for Measuring Service Quality in compliance with European and International Standards

Spectos Postal & Logistics is an industry leader in delivering data and analysis for transit time measurement systems (TTMS). By closely following the Six Sigma principles, Spectos Postal & Logistics solutions uses a variety of technological and analytical solutions to ensure that every postal and logistics organization is able to optimize their services.

With the growth of eCommerce, globally there has been an increase in competition in the postal & logistics sector. Companies and corporations are under pressure to deliver the best and fastest services with regards to letters and parcels. Quality and delivery times are a constant theme for all end customers.

In compliance with European and global standards such as EN 13850 for the measurement of priority mail and EN 14534 for the measurement of bulk mail, Spectos Postal & Logistics supports clients in adhering to the very highest of service quality standards.

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