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Spectos Automotive Ticket System & Real-Time Alerts

The Spectos Automotive ticket system offers a structured complaint management system for your auto dealership and services

In today’s world, positive and negative reviews can make their way to online portals within seconds. For this reason, a complaint management system that offers flexibility in use is of great importance. With the Spectos Automotive ticket system you are given instant notifications of all important client related matters. The immediacy of the solution lets all responsible employees in your company start finding solutions for your clients quickly. Spectos Automotive not only alerts you of important client related concerns, but deepens customer relationships and improves the overall quality of your automotive services. Our ticket system offers a structured complaint management system for your auto dealership and services

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Respond immediately to your customers' concerns and strengthen customer loyalty in the long term

Spectos Automotive offers an integrated ticketing system which lets you respond immediately in an efficient, systematic and cost-effective manner to all client complaints. Respond actively to the voice of the customer and improve your service quality sustainably with structured customer experience management.

Your benefits using the Spectos Automotive ticketing system

  • Swift processing systems increase efficient customer contact
  • Real-time email, text or push notifications for all responsible employees for all complaint processes
  • Increased transparency regarding the processing of individual complaints
  • Ticket system can be used as training foundation for customer service topics
  • Optimization of individual processes
  • Early detection and elimination of errors and vulnerabilities
  • Higher customer service KPIs and improvement of your company image
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Continuously increase your customer satisfaction levels and overall service quality with the Spectos Automotive ticket system

The Spectos Automotive solution is able to extract all complaints or issues from your initial customer satisfaction survey. This information is then automatically transmitted into your integrated ticketing system. A ticket is created for every single issue and is categorized and sent accordingly to the responsible department. In this manner, your team is given a chance to respond and improve the service quality of your company first hand.

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Ticket System at the Automotive Cockpit

The ticket overview in the Spectos Automotive Cockpit presents all processes in an easily understandable and chronological order. With a quick view, you can see what actions have been taken, who is responsible and if the issues have been resolved. The solution also permits for categorizations, file attachments and joint work that contributes to a quick and efficient solution for all customer matters. Each customer request can be clearly assigned according to customer number and vehicle registration number, to allow for a personal reaction to customers. Furthermore, transparent insights into specific complaint cases are well suited for internal quality trainings in order to achieve a uniform complaint management.

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Automatic alert notifications keep you up-to-date

Increase your responsiveness to complaints with the integrated ticket alert solution. As soon as a ticket is generated, the responsible department will receive an email or text message. Information is uniform and available to employees instantly.

By making use of the customizable ticketing guidelines, you decide what is important and when tickets should be generated for further processing by your team. In addition to this, automatic replies can be set-up after a ticket has been created. This allows you to be informed about the responses of your employees.

Our experienced team will gladly assist and support you in developing a system tailor-made for your company, which ensures no customer is dissatisfied.

Technical overview of Spectos Automotive Ticket System

  • Automatic creation and categorization of tickets
  • Display of complaints, processing statuses, average processing times, communication channels, satisfaction levels, distribution per departments and number of complaints per category
  • Creation of ticketing guidelines for the handling complaints
  • Assignment of individual tickets
  • Attachments of documents and photos to tickets
  • Alerts and reminders via text message, email and app functionalities
  • Spectos in-house support through email and phone campaigns
  • Ticket reports can be exported to any file format