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Analyses & Reports of Customer Satisfaction in Real-Time: Spectos Automotive Cockpit

Examples of real-time performance management cockpits for staff in charge of QM at car dealerships and garages

The Automotive Cockpit is a specific variation of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite (RTPM). The cockpit is easily accessible via web application. Get all data from your customer surveys centralized in one place. It provides:

  • Evaluation & analysis of all important key performance indicators (such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Index, etc.) in real-time for targeted action measures
  • Continuos performance comparison with visually prepared analyses and easy-to-understand evaluations
  • User-specific cockpit representations and views based on different access rights according to predefined role concepts
Example Overview of all trends in the Spectos Automotive Cockpit
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Your Advantages

Agile complaint management & integrated ticket system

general trends at the Automotive Cockpit

Identify the need for action where it occurs: As the first complaint management for car dealerships and auto services according to the requirements of ISO 9001, Spectos and a well-known automotive group developed a systematic workflow for the efficient handling of customer complaints. To continuously improve the management of the quality of services in your car dealership, the Automotive Cockpit keeps you updated on all details of your current critical events.

  • Monitoring of critical issues like availability, specialist knowledge, consulting, scheduling, repair quality, price-performance ratio and much more
  • Instant notifications via SMS, E-Mail or app upon new complaints
  • One click reports: Cause and effect relations, ISO 9001:2015 Reports

The Automotive Cockpit provides end-to-end supply chain visibility for delivery management and just-in-time manufacturing.

  • Delivery management: Tracking of vehicle parts of manufacturing processes
  • Identification of weak points in the entire supply chain or at individual interfaces
Tracking overview in the Postal & Logistics Cockpit
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Integrated ticketing system for highly responsive and structured complaint management

Ticket System at the Automotive Cockpit

An integrated ticket system lets you easily handle all critical concerns. Every new ticket is automatically assigned to the responsible person in charge to solve every request as fast as possible.

  • Summary of all requests with detailed information about each individual issue
  • Automatic alerts and push-notifications whenever there are changes or new information in the ticket system
  • Transparent cooperation and consistent flow of information to all responsible employees


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