Why Spectos?

We are a dynamic team, passionate about our products and completely committed to making our customers feel confident in us. Listen to what our team has to say about working at Spectos and see if you would like to assist us in becoming even more successful.

  • What I love about my work at Spectos? Working together with so many different people and characters to acheive the goals we set for ourselves.

    – Linh, Scrum Master
  • Making sure clients are completely satisfied with results and optimizing project processes in order to reach the best performance possible is a challenging job - but that's exactly what makes it so rewarding.

    – Stéphane, International Business Development
  • Spectos is a young and dynamic company. The staff is incredibly motivated and curious about our work together with cutting-edge technologies. Not only the staff, but also the management is aware of the massive impact IT has on the company's global performance, allowing us to explore new concepts and visions. This freedom gives us the opportunity to constantly challenge ourselves with great new projects and web applications.

    – Jérôme Soranzo, System Administrator
  • Our company is full of innovation and constantly testing new ideas. The colleagues are enthusiastic about their work, exceptionally creative, open minded, and highly committed to their jobs and our customers.

    – Trang, Deputy Manager
  • The main thing I like about my work at Spectos is working in (and as) such a great team. The constant improvement and optimization of our products and services is also exciting.

    – Daniel, Senior Consultant
  • My daily tasks are so varied and complex that I’m always kept busy. I feel a sense of achievement and always learn something new by the end of each day. We constantly have to develop new answers and solutions for our client's own requirements and those of the industries they're in. It's great to work in such an exceptional team and being able to test new methods, such as scrum, business intelligence, mobile first, cloud, RFID, and beacon technologies.

    – Ringo, CIO/CTO

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Spectos GmbH, Dresden, Germany

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Spectos Asia Ltd. Co, Hanoi, Vietnam

Senior Software Engineer
Sales Executive
Senior PHP Developer

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