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An active complaint management system for your car dealership delivers sustainable service quality

The biggest challenge in creating an active, effective and stable complaint management for car dealerships lies in managing a holistic approach from the central recording of complaints through instant processing right up to the final evaluation and the development of long-term sustainable quality increasing measures.

Spectos Automotive provides you with a simple and uncomplicated view of all existing customer related matters and issues. Our flexible survey system records critical events when they occur. By being able to recognize your customers’ concerns and expectations you will be better equipped to respond in a timely manner, thus creating lasting customer satisfaction.

With Spectos Automotive, you will save valuable time and costs by using an efficient, systematic workflow for a continual complaint management for car dealerships. But this is not all! Our effective complaint management solution will enable you to continuously improve service quality levels and create brand ambassadors for your car dealership or automobile workshop.

Advantages by Spectos Automotive

  • Customer oriented quality management
  • Efficient handling of customer complaints
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels and KPIs
  • Improvement of company image
  • Minimization of customer complaint costs
  • Sustainable improvement of service quality
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Customer Experience Management

Interaction as the foundation of a sustainable complaint management system

Using multi-channel satisfaction surveys provided by Spectos Automotive, your customers can easily connect with you through various channels to share their opinions. The integrated ticket system of the Spectos Automotive cockpit serves as a support tool for complaint management.

Satisfaction survey in a car dealership
general trends at the Automotive Cockpit

Regardless of the communication channel used – online or offline, all feedback from your customers is recorded centrally and transmitted to your Spectos Automotive cockpit. In the cockpit, you are given minute-by-minute performance insights into all current trends and developments. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are created based on your complaint metrics, on which basis your company can develop service quality enhancing measures.

Complaint management is a cyclical process. We recommend that you continually review the effectiveness of your processes and improve your service quality, benefitting from the Six Sigma methodology of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control on which Spectos Automotive is built upon.

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