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Service Quality Management for car dealerships with sustainability character

A sustainable service quality management for car dealerships vehicle workshops is of key importance for customer loyalty and the long-term success of the enterprise. Not only must product quality meet the industry’s defined quality standards with regards to vehicles and spare parts. Customers expect consistently high quality in the areas of consulting, service and repair. Therefore, a comprehensive view of all quality criteria is required for insights about one’s own service quality and to really understand the needs of the customers.

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Improve service quality on a sustainable basis based on daily updated data

We place great importance on quality management systems that are easy to integrate into your existing processes and focus on a holistic approach. This is why we do not just supply you with key figures, but also support you in the entire strategy development process. This entails support with the formulation of your questionnaires, the selection and implementation of suitable communication channels and the conversion of key metrics into visually prepared, easy-to-understand reports. With Spectos Automotive, you can identify the need for action at a glance and benefit from targeted service quality management for car dealerships and vehicle workshops.

Benefits of Spectos Automotive for Service Quality Management for Car Dealerships

  • Sustainable service quality improvements
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improvement of corporate image
  • Efficient customer contact
  • Minimization of costs for handling complaints
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Application and benefits of monitoring service quality in real-time in the automotive industry

The core component of continuous process optimization is the constant monitoring of the effectiveness of measures already taken. Regular customer satisfaction surveys in your car dealerships and automotive workshops are suitable for this purpose, as they reflect your service quality from the customer’s point of view. Spectos Automotive offers you numerous survey methods with which you can continuously collect the feedback of your respondents in real-time. All results are automatically transferred to your Automotive Cockpit in an easily accessible web application and are converted into visual reports. Get instantaneously detailed insights into key quality indicators such as overall satisfaction, customer care, repair quality, replacement mobility and processing time. Benefit from daily, weekly and monthly evaluations with detailed cause and effect analyses. Since all data is transmitted in real time, you have up-to-the-minute insights into your performance. In addition, you can also benchmark across locations by comparing several car dealerships and workshops with each other.

Automotive cockpits for service quality management for car dealerships
Ticket system for Service Quality Management for Car Dealerships

Furthermore, the integrated ticket system of Spectos Automotive lets you process individual complaints in a structured manner. The long-term evaluation of all your relevant quality factors supports you in your strategy for enhancing the service quality in your car dealership and offers great innovation potential to open up new ways for higher customer satisfaction.

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Service Quality Management for Car Dealerships according to ISO 9001

Spectos Automotive is the first industry-specific complaint management system for car dealerships and automotive workshops to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and generate QM reports at the push of a button. This requires the implementation of a company-wide reporting system. In close cooperation with you, our experts will define relevant quality metrics based on your processes. We ensure that Spectos Automotive provides you with meaningful data at all hierarchical levels of your company. Benefit from visualized results and the lowest possible effort when recording and creating your reports. The continuous availability of your quality indicators allows for a sustainable service quality, which you can put to test with Mystery Shopping in car dealerships & garages.

Technical facts on Spectos Automotive

  • Integration with existing CRM systems via interface (e.g. SAP, IS-H, Afga Orbis, Siemens)
  • Multiple communication channels: Email, SMS, Link, QR-Code, Tablet, Terminal, Whatsapp, PC, paper questionnaire (incl. digitization services by Spectos)
  • Real-time data visualization in user-specific cockpit
  • No separate installation necessary due to open source cloud technology
  • Integrated ticket system with real-time notifications
  • Storage of internal escalation rules for ticket handling
  • Display of number of complaints, processing status, average processing time, communication channels used, satisfaction with the solution, distribution per location and number of complaints per category.
  • Access roles allow different permissions, reports and presentations