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End-to-end Transit Time Measurements by Spectos

Increasing competition in the postal industry is causing more and more quality awareness, both among customers and postal service providers themselves. Proof of the actual quality of service is not only demanded by customers, but is also necessary for public tenders. For even more precise and comprehensive insights into data and processes, innovative RFID technologies offer another option for collecting so-called “end-to-end” data for transit time measurements from postal service providers.

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Transit Time Measurement according to EN 13850 and EN 14534 Standards

Being a TÜV certified institute for transit time measurements, Spectos supports companies in creating and executing specialized transit time measurements that are consistent with established global standards as well as corporate goals and cultural perceptions.

Our Transit Time Measurements fulfill all European standards, such as EN 13850 and EN 14534. Spectos offers official reporting for governmental bodies and public tenders. Monitor delivery times and quality of postal services day by day in real-time and take the necessary actions where needed. Obtain certifications from independent auditors in your country to have actual proof of your service quality and set yourself apart from the competition in the postal industry.

Real-time monitoring of transit times

Our custom design dashboards enable you to keep track of the results in real-time and improve your service quality day by day or make any necessary process changes as quickly as possible. Additionally, you receive corresponding certificates from independent testing centers for results of the transit time measurement. These are not only proof of your service and delivery quality to customers, but also for public tenders. Certified transit time measurements clearly set you apart from the growing competition in the postal industry.

Reports at the Postal & Logistics Cockpit

Technology Facts of Transit Time Measurements

  • Conforms to the European standards DIN EN 13850 and DIN EN 14534
  • RFID Technology for Gates and Postal Items
  • Real-time tracker for end-to-end visibility of the entire supply chain
  • Worldwide Panel and Mail Agent App
  • Own Support Center with Letter Shop
  • Real-time reporting and analysis in customized RTPMTM Suite dashboards
  • Responsive technology: analyses also on mobile devices
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How it works

End-to-end measurements with Spectos: explained in detail

Delivery times in the postal industry are often measured with so-called “test letters”, which are sent to participants (recipients) as well as returned to us by participants (senders). Delivery times are then measured using special surveys. The results of such transit time measurements can be compared with the company’s own KPIs, benchmarking values and other fixed analyses. In the Spectos RTPMTM Suite, a tailor-made Post & Logistics Cockpit is developed for each customer, on which the results of the transit time measurements can be viewed at any time in real-time.

Preparation for transit time measurements by Lettershop employees
Feedback on transit time measurements via Inspector App

For each transit time measurement in the postal industry, participants are acquired through our own support center, which provides the largest proportion of results for the measurements. We always invest in the quality of our own service center, as well as in new, modern survey methods. For example, all participants will have access to a centralized platform called Mailagenten developed by Spectos. In addition, all participants have the opportunity to report their results via multi-channel solutions. Even more precise and comprehensive insights into the quality of services are provided by our innovative RFID and Live Tracker technologies for postal services and logistics.

From the collected data, our experts create detailed charts and graphs based on response technology as well as automatic analyses according to internal company specifications. In addition, we prepare customized reports for government agencies and public tenders. These are useful for illustrating delivery times in team or customer meetings to demonstrate your own postal delivery quality and service quality. 

Trends about transit time measurements in the Post & Logistics Cockpit
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