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RFID solutions for Postal & Logistics offer a Complete and Reliable way to Track Your Shipments

Innovative RFID technology can help you better understand how mail items and goods move by tracking their paths along the logistical chain in real-time. Due to the small size of each chip and the flexibility of RFID gates, data can be collected from a number of products and locations. Benefit from this technology by being able to track shipments from afar and also measuring supplier quality.

Infographic transport ways in sorting centre

Benefits of RFID

  • Measurement of individual process steps: sorting, transport, partners
  • Real-time data collection at predefined interfaces and transfer points
  • Flexible usage options thanks to the small size of the RFID chips
  • Real-time data transfer to cockpits tailored to your needs
  • Immediate evaluation and control of your processes
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RFID Technology that is Reliable, Flexible and in Real-Time

The technology is regarded as an established measurement method for quality and reliability in the postal and logistics sector. With increasing shipment volumes, the effort for optical tracking, e.g. the scanning of barcodes, increases disproportionately. The automatic reading of tags without direct visual contact provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to expensive scanning procedures. The data collection is fully automated and the almost invisible process offers numerous advantages.

Example RFID for Post and Logistics
Spectos RFID for Postal and Logistics

With RFID gates and special antenna technologies, relevant information is collected at individual process stages, e.g. the sorting centre. The gates can be easily integrated into your distribution centers and require little maintenance. By equipping test shipments, boxes and pallets with passive RFID tags, real-time data acquisition at process interfaces and transfer points is possible. Accurate statistics on the whereabouts on any test letter item or test packages let the client receive real-time input. The data gathered from the RFID tags give a postal provider a clear and transparent overview of the current stock levels for any respective location. Forecasting for needed containers, trolleys or pallets can be all deduced by the information that is provided by the RFID tags.

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Seamless process monitoring to optimize selected workflows

Easy to use and with little maintenance, RFID gate readers are placed in distribution centers. They are read by antennas at the various process points from the sorting center to the mailbox of the recipient. Data is collected in real-time and is available in the cloud platform for immediate process control. Accurate statistics on the whereabouts of any test letter item or test packages lets the client receive real-time input via cockpits. Furthermore, daily, weekly or monthly reports can be created according to client standards or norms and are presented via dashboards and cockpits of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management suite.

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RFID Technology Facts

  • Contactless and sightless capture of ID tag
  • Tag creates an event at each measurement point (Gate ID + Tag ID + Timestamp)
  • Data transmission via mobile data network and SMS as fallback
  • RTPM with interface for RFID data and SMS gateway
  • Central, in Cloud/ Data Warehouse
  • Raw data is acquired after validation in SpectosLab and assigned to the test broadcast record
  • Determination of the measuring point based on gate ID and process role of the gate (input, output)

Continuous process monitoring with RFID

RFID ensures high process transparency. The real-time technology enables detailed insights into all predefined process stages of logistics. The data is presented in prepared reports and graphics via the cockpits of the RTPM Suite, thus enabling effective, continuous process monitoring and quality management.

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