Spectos Returns Management for most current address information

Returns management deals with mail returns of items which cannot be delivered to a recipient. By making use of returns management services, postal operators are enabled to have most current information in their CRM databases. Returns Management ensures that databases are updated for latest address information, thus allowing for greatest efficiencies in the delivery process.

Workflow for Returns Management and Video Coding

Benefits of Returns Management by Spectos

  • Correction of address databases
  • Optimization of district administration
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Flexible processes regardless of fluctuating shipment volumes and peaks
  • In compliance with EU data protection regulations
  • Continuous reporting of address quality by Spectos project manager

A solution to help in delivering the undeliverable: This is how Returns Management works

High-end machines record an image, which is transmitted via remote desktop protocol (RDP) to an agent. The agent will capture further information, such as stamp date, assumed reason for non-delivery or the name of the addressee. The scope of research of the agent also includes research of non-existent address combinations and research of addresses including third party sources.

Application and Uses for Returns Management by Spectos

Minimization of bad addresses is the principle purpose of Spectos Returns Management. The processing tool we offer helps in reducing undeliverable mail and increasing a mail item’s delivery rate. This can be of huge importance when it comes to deliveries during high peak seasons, when mail items have higher incidences of incorrect addresses. Spectos Returns Management performs the task to find and correct address data deemed undeliverable. The services offered by Spectos for Returns Management and Video Coding ensure that processes are not affected and your labor force can focus on its normal day to day operations.


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