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Letter Delivery Measurements at AOK Health Insurance

“In order to continue to play a leading role in the healthcare market of the future, it is important for AOK PLUS to systematically align all processes with the customer and to design them in a high-quality and efficient manner. Letters continue to be an important communication channel to the insured, service providers and contractual partners of AOK PLUS. In recent years, the use of letter mail by AOK PLUS has continued to grow despite increasing digitization of outgoing correspondence. Spectos GmbH has been supporting us for years to ensure high quality service deliveries through continuous transit time measurements.”

Maik Nottrodt | Document Manager | AOK Plus


With over 3 million insurance members across the German states of Saxony and Thuringia, AOK Plus was the creation of a merger between two of Germany’s biggest health insurers. Since 2008, one in two people in Saxony and Thuringia call AOK Plus their primary health insurance provider.

How long does a letter take to be delivered?

On a daily basis, AOK Plus delivers a large number of letters to its insurance members. AOK Plus relies heavily on consistent high quality mail services.

The health insurance provider approached Spectos to verify the delivery time of its letters. In doing this, Spectos used as a basis the Universal Postal Service Ordinance (PUDLV), which requires delivery to be on the first working day after dispatch (80 out of 100 letter items). On the second working day the number moves to 95 out of 100 letter items delivered.

A study

After much consultation with AOK Plus, Spectos set up a system of pre-produced test letters that were intended to be sent from their offices.

Confirmation of letters collected and sent was confirmed by a prefabricated fax protocol. A total of 600 test items were sent in waves for every region studied. In each region, more than 1000 Spectos household panelist participated in this study who in turn provided information for received letter items.

Health insurance with shipment tracking

Ever since 2013, Spectos has been responsible for the quality monitoring of mail services for AOK Plus. Spectos ensures that AOK Plus is provided data when it comes to reliability and timely delivery in Saxony and Thuringia. These quality measurements take place up to four times a year, for five different regions.

The measurements serve as a quality check for the service delivered to its customers; but on the other hand it is used to negotiate with service providers when quality levels are not reached.

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