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Make a Move: Why innovative Service Quality Management matters for public transport and mass transit

Many service providers in the mobility market are interested in improving their passengers’ service experiences. This is due to rising passenger numbers and a growing list of alternative providers in the mobility sector. But what exactly needs to be improved? Common survey methods, such as telephone or paper surveys, are often snapshots and offer little flexibility with regards to the target groups. Although the services of many public transport providers continue to develop, they often fail to meet the actual needs of passengers. Service Quality Management for mass transit by Spectos Mobility offers a cost-effective, scientifically based and efficient way to record, evaluate and immediately respond to customer feedback and complaints in real-time.

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Continuous Service Quality Management for mass transit according to EN 13816

High service quality in public transport is a decisive factor for high passenger satisfaction, customer loyalty and long-term corporate success. Spectos Mobility for public passenger transport companies meets all service quality criteria in accordance with EN 13816. Furthermore, service providers receive detailed feedback of passengers and up-to-the-minute insights into the quality of specific contact points of the passenger survey such as stops, lines, vehicles and customer service centres. With Spectos Mobility you can make your strategic decisions based on the wishes and needs of your customers.

Friendly bus driver as example for service quality management for mass transit
exampe at a flight for service quality management for mass transit

Our experts will work with you to develop a flexible solution tailored to your quality criteria. You decide when, where and how to use your surveys. We ensure that all results are brought together centrally and that you have access to all relevant key figures, reports and presentations. Integrate these reports into your action plan and react to existing problems even more quickly in the future. The continuous improvement of significant quality criteria according to EN 13816 sustainably increases your service quality and guarantees you a strong passenger community.

Benefits of service quality management for mass transit

  • Continuous and representative surveys of all target groups through multi-channel digital methods with consistently high responses throughout the year
  • Daily updated insights into customer satisfaction and service quality in real-time through continuous feedback from passengers
  • Detailed insights and targeted analyses at the level of service points, lines, flights, rides, vehicles, stations and much more according to target groups
  • Constant benchmark of all data: stops, trips, flights, vehicles/aircraft, customer centers, route networks, connections etc.
  • Real-time notifications of critical anomalies
  • Operational and strategic control based on daily updated data
  • Into the entire mobility spectrum: stops, lines, vehicles, customer service centre, Identification of strongest drivers for customer satisfaction and recommendation behavior
  • Service quality management for mass transit according to EN 13816
  • Development of a strong passenger community
  • Increase in customer loyalty and long-term use of mobility services
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Customer feedback from day-to-day operations for higher passenger satisfaction and improved service quality

With Spectos Mobility you can automatically record all events within your entire mobility network and evaluate them within a few seconds. Benefit from the numerous advantages of our real-time measurement system and recognize existing deficits as soon as they arise. We develop with you a tailor-made strategy to increase your service quality. You can integrate Spectos Mobility into your operational processes and existing systems and easily make adjustments yourself.

Passenger surveys as example for service quality management for mass transit

Engage in a dialogue with your passengers: Different communication channels allow all generations to participate in shaping your mobility offer. Get real-time feedback from your customers and access visual reports and presentations in your RTPM Mobility Cockpit. Strengthen the relationship with your passengers by taking into account their wishes and needs. The active interaction with your passengers significantly increases the likelihood of loyalty and recommendations.


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Mobility Cockpit

Your KPIs in real-time for a sustainable service quality management in mass transit

No matter where you are: with Spectos Mobility you can call up all relevant service quality factors according to your user role in your personal RTPM cockpit, independent of time and place. The monitoring of critical quality factors such as punctuality, connections, reliability, price-performance ratio, etc. is the cornerstone for the sustainable improvement of your service quality. Take advantage of the constant comparability of all results. The experience-oriented measurement of your passengers’ satisfaction provides you with information about all aspects of your mobility services. In combination with objective tests and internal audits, the results lead to early identification of existing problems. Compliance with EN 13816 ensures TÜV certification of your system and guarantees high service quality and passenger satisfaction.

Data from passenger surveys at the Spectos Mobility Cockpit