Spectos Mobility Passenger Satisfaction & Complaint Management

How public transport providers benefit from an active complaint management with Spectos Mobility

Complaints are an expression of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments. At the same time, they provide companies the opportunity to rethink existing work processes. An active complaint management helps you uncover weak points of your mobility services and continuously improve your service quality.

Identify critical events in your (flight) route -, vehicle - and stop network without detours.

Spectos Mobility offers you a solution with which you can continuously monitor all current trends and developments in your public transport offering. Find out quickly about critical events in your mobility network and take appropriate measures immediately. Our visually prepared real-time data enables you to continuously monitor your service quality and expand your scope of action. At the same time, Spectos Mobility systematically presents all ongoing complaints so that in the future you are prepared to meet all quality factors according to EN 13816 in a structured, sustainable complaint management system.

Your advantages

  • Daily up-to-the-minute insights into the quality of individual contact points such as stops, (flight) lines, vehicles or airplanes, customer centers etc.
  • Flexible and straight forward complaint management
  • Increase in service quality
  • Higher passenger satisfaction
  • Improving the brand and corporate image
  • Thorough customer contact
  • Recognized standards and procedures according to EN 13816

Real-Time Notifications and integrated Ticketsystem

Continuously improve on service quality with an active complaint management

Spectos Mobility offers you a solution with which you can pursue a structured and strategic approach to complaint management. We help you develop a system that strengthens and permanently consolidates the relationship between you and your passengers. You decide which channels are offered to your respondents to submit feedback and how to deal with complaints. Our experienced experts will advise you on the development of your tailor-made feedback management system.

Mobility Cockpit

Ongoing measurements let you find out about general satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation behavior of your passengers, allowing you to create targeted quality-enhancing measures. No matter which communication channel you receive feedback on, all data is available in your personalized RTPM cockpit. Automatic real-time notifications inform you by means of alert management via email, SMS or push notifications about new complaints and let you detect disruptions in your mobility offer at an early stage. Immediately take suitable countermeasures and ensure continuously important quality criteria such as safety, punctuality, connections and value for money.

Example Mobility Cockpit for Complaint Management

Integrated Ticket System

Ticket system for complaint management

Thanks to the integrated ticket system, you can quickly process all new complaints with Spectos Mobility. This gives you a precise insight into each individual complaint case. If a new complaint comes in, our solution automatically generates a new ticket and assigns it to the appropriate specialist departments, quality representatives or other responsible persons. To better illustrate a complaint it is possible to attach supplementary photos or videos. You can view the status of existing complaints in detail at any time and, for example, integrate them into your goodwill strategy. Your active complaint management with Spectos Mobility not only supports you in meeting quality standards for TÜV certification according to EN 13816, but also helps you turn your passengers into loyal fans of your services.


  • Centralized summary of data in single platform of Spectos Mobility cockpit
  • Integrated ticket system to quickly solve customer issues and complaints
  • Real-time alerts via email, SMS or push notification
  • Automatically create and assign tickets when critical feedback arrives according to pre-defined escalation rules
  • Individual assignment of tickets
  • Various ticket statuses with processing status information: “open”, “in process” or “closed”.
  • Insight into the number of current complaints, average processing time, processing status, satisfaction with the solution, communication channels used, and much more
  • Ticket reports exportable as PDF files