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Market Research for Public Transportation Provider DVG AG

About Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe DVB AG

DVB (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG) is responsible for providing public transportation in Dresden and surrounding communities. On normal weekdays, the DVB handles on average 600 thousand passengers who use its trams, buses, railways and even ferries. DVB thus contributes to relieving inner-city traffic volumes, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life in Dresden.But how to conduct market research on so many passengers?

The DVB conducts surveys at least once a year for an overview of all the services it provides to the public.This methodology is an integral part of DVB’s market research.It provides an overall picture of all performance characteristics and thus enables strategic conclusions based on evaluations over the period in the past. Furthermore, the existing evaluation should be extended by a real-time analysis to facilitate quick intervention and immediate problem solving when challenges arise,

DVB approached Spectos to help in realizing data in real-time, thus giving the transport authority another element in validating their own results.

QR code, tablet, PC, feedback terminal: Multi-channel QM measurements for customer service

DVB worked closely with Spectos in developing a pilot project to determine service quality in real time. Together, they created a multi-channel solution in which all passengers could communicate their feedback based on their preferred communication channel. Each passenger could immediately share their experience with DVB via QR codes or links, with their smartphone, tablet, PC and feedback terminals. Regardless of the channel used, all data was collected in a central system, evaluated and made available in real time to the people in charge.

Public transportation market research passenger feedback DVB

Know what’s happening in real-time: The added value of continuous feedback

During the 4 month period in which the pilot was running, more than 1.650 experiences were recorded. The passengers were most satisfied with the personal advice in the customer centers, the timetable information on the Internet and the transportation frequency. The continuous measurement provided valuable information on public transport services, means of transport and customer relations.

The flexibility in acquiring data from multiple channels, helped with parallel campaigns set up by the DVB, the results of which were also incorporated into the centralized platform and were immediately available to members of the transport authority. The results of the continuous measurement helped in underlining the overall results of the annual DVB passenger survey.


DVB Testimonial

‘The digital survey delivered very valuable input. The results also confirmed the findings of the annual passenger surveys.’Christian Blank, DVB AG – Strategic Marketing / Market Analyst

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