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Spectos Mobility Multi-channel passenger surveys for all generations

The central element of Spectos Passenger Surveys for mobility is a multi-channel solution with a special focus on the digital approach. Every passenger of your mobility services can choose an individual method to give their experiences with your services.

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Your Advantages

With Spectos Mobility you can reach all passenger target groups - from mobile only to the best agers.

Spectos Mobility enables fast and easy recording of customer satisfaction and complaints at any touchpoint of the customer journey. Passengers can provide their feedback at service points via terminals, as well as through the internet, with apps on mobile devices, passenger TV, SMS, QR code and email, always with a clear assignment to ride, line, vehicle, stop and service centre.

The digital and scientific approach of Spectos Mobility for multi-channel passenger surveys allows mass transit providers to continuously involve all passengers in customer satisfaction surveys. All data is recorded and delivered to the responsible persons of your organization in real-time using the Spectos Real-time Performance Management suite (RTPM suite).

The digital approach gives your company a quick and easy way to respond and react immediately to your passengers’ needs, with speed and a focus on service quality.

Your advantages with Multi-Channel Passenger Surveys

  • Combination of various communication channels: Terminals, web, app, passenger TV, SMS, QR code, email, phone
  • Accessibility for all generations
  • Feedback from all contact points of the customer journey: point of sale, stops, service centers, train stations, airports, during travel or flight
  • Continuously high response rates
  • Up-to-the-minute insights into customer satisfaction and quality of all public transport services
  • Immediate notification of critical complaints
  • Qualitative, up-to-date and meaningful data for sustainable complaint management
  • Detailed insights into stops, lines, vehicles and customer centers
  • Detailed opinions of defined target groups
  • Cost-efficient and effective survey method

Results and benefits of continuous passenger surveys for mass transit

Whether busy businessman, passionate onliner or conservative traditionalist: The provision of multiple communication channels by Spectos Mobility provides you with a broad range of opinions.

The multi-channel passenger surveys continuously reach real customers on a representative scale every day. Spectos multi-channel passenger surveys allow for detailed insights on any topic or process that you want to measure. Anyone who uses your transit services is able to record their feedback through their preferred communication channel, which will be directed to the responsible person within your organization. Complaint management is made easy by the integrated ticketing system. A smart and quick way to respond to your passengers’ feedback results in higher satisfaction levels amongst your riders.

Passenger surveys as example for service quality management for mass transit
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Mobility Cockpit

All data centralized in one place: always available and in real time


Regardless of the used feedback channel, all results are analysed and displayed in in real-time in the Spectos Mobility Cockpit. Here you can quickly and specifically analyse all relevant quality criteria and react immediately to critical events. Get detailed insights into your stops, (flight) routes, vehicles and customer centers. Visual reports help you identify the strongest drivers of customer satisfaction and referral behavior. These can be used to derive specific operational and strategic action steps that contribute to improving service quality criteria in accordance with EN 13816.


Data from passenger surveys at the Spectos Mobility Cockpit

Technology facts on Multi-Channel Passenger Surveys

  • Digital feedback via SMS, email, QR codes/short links, app, terminals, website, smartphone and tablet
  • Centralized and fully automatic data transfer
  • Integration with third-party systems (CRM, complaint management)
  • Real-time access to collected data in Spectos Mobility Cockpit based on roles
  • Customized reports and analyses according to your requirements

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