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Passenger Feedback Management in Public Transport with DSW21

About DSW21

With more than 135 million riders, passenger feedback management is of key importance to DSW21 (Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG). DSW21 is a large infrastructure and public transportation provider in Dortmund, Germany, and surrounding areas. The core of the organization’s work lies in ÖPNV (local public transportation). On a yearly basis, DSW21 transports more than 135 million passengers in the region. The number of subscribers is approximately 95 thousand persons. In this context, an opinion poll is particularly difficult.

Passenger feedback via digital communication channels?

DSW21 conducted feedback surveys at regular one-year intervals. This implementation methodology provides backward-looking data. It allows for strategic conclusions related to the past survey period and had been an integral part of market research at DSW21.

Part of the market research discussion at DSW21 was the question of whether digital channels can be used to better reach out to also younger generations. Another aspect of the survey was to measure whether the results of the digital poll would correspond to those of the annual passenger survey.

Multi-channel solutions for its customer service approach

A pilot project for measuring passenger satisfaction via digital channels was developed by experts of the Spectos Mobility team and DSW21.

The central element of the measurement system was a multi-channel solution with special focus on a digital approach. Each passenger chose an individual way, according to their communication behavior – website, feedback terminal, QR code, link, smartphone, tablet, PC – to pass on their service experience directly to DSW21. Independent of the channel, all data was recorded, evaluated and made available to the responsible persons in real time in a central system by Spectos’ Real-Time measurement tools.

This ensured that the company was able to react immediately to its customers and keep up with their interaction speed, while completely rolling out the project across all passenger-related processes.

All communication channels were promoted through active and passive calls for participation through 200 posters on buses, trains and stops, staff in the Customer Center and promotion on the DSW21 website. To increase response and seamless optical integration, all channels were designed in the corporate design of DSW21.

Spectos undertook the responsibility in creating the marketing materials for this campaign through its graphic design department to ensure that all branding met with the corporate identity of DSW21.

Digital surveys as the way to move forward

In a 6 week period, Spectos was able to record over 395 responses. In this analysis, Spectos was able to find out that over 97% of riders were very happy with the services and would in the future continue using DSW21. At 85%, customer loyalty was a key indicator in knowing that among current riders, they would recommend the services to new potential customers.

Furthermore, the pilot phase showed that the new form of digital survey via several communication channels reaches every passenger, regardless of age and gender. The outcomes of this survey gave strength to what was already being recorded by DSW21.

DSW21 Testimonial

‘Digital surveys offer the possibility to simply and easily collect customer feedback in almost real time. The findings underline the results of other surveys.’ Torge Gebhardt, DSW21 – Kommunikation und Information

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