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GCI Alaska Telecom

GCI is an Alaskan-based company providing video, voice, and data communication services to residential, commercial, and governmental customers. GCI was the first company to introduce competition into the communication market in Alaska and has since grown to be one of the nation’s premiere providers of cable television, internet, and telephone services. The company employs over 1,600 Alaskans and has a 45% share of the state’s long-distance communication market. Its services provide 90% of the state’s households with cable television. GCI’s services are connected to the lower 48 states through company-owned fiber optic, satellite, and metropolitan area network facilities. The broadband platform they provide is the only one of its kind in Alaska, enabling the company to provide customized services to the Alaskan market.

A Broad Spectrum of Customers

GCI Alaska needed a way to collect feedback from their broad spectrum of customers without sacrificing the ones living in remote locations where high-speed internet is not always available. 

A Focused Solution

Feedbackstr enables GCI to mail printed copies of surveys to customers in remote living areas and digitize the results through manual entry after receiving customer responses. For customers with steady access to broadband internet, GCI can easily use Feedbackstr to digitally invite customers to their survey – without the risk of having their emails being caught up in faulty firewalls.

An Increase in Responses

GCI saw a remarkable improvement in the survey response rate after switching to Feedbackstr. An impressive 30% more responses were submitted, providing the company with the feedback they needed to improve their services for customers. They also received a guarantee that 100% of their surveys had been successfully delivered, even in very distant areas.


Key Facts

  • Provides 90% of the population of Alaska with cable TV
  • Around 1600 employees
  • Leading provider of cable tv, internet, telephone service in Alaska


  • Tracing of customer satisfaction in remote areas
  • Valid certificate of a firewall or security software company
  • Increase in survey participation

Spectos Solution

  • Multichannel-measurement for customer satisfaction
  • Feedback system by Spectos
  • Sending of the digital questionnaire as a printed form to occupying areas
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