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IDG Vietnam

The International Data Group, or IDG for short, is the world’s leading technology media, events, and research company. Although its roots are in Boston, Massachusetts, the IDG is present all over the world and boasts an audience of over 280 million technology buyers in 97 different countries, one of which is Vietnam.

Out with the old, in with the new

IDG needed Feedbackstr to provide them with ready-to-use surveys for three separate events and to assist them during the transition from outdated pencil & paper surveys to digital customer satisfaction surveys. Also, the media giant required experienced hostesses for each of their events to help participants fill out the survey via tablet. All of these factors were important to increase the participation rate and effectivity of the surveys.

Continuous monitoring of feedback at IDG Vietnam’s events

The latest event Feedbackstr covered for the IDG was the Banking Vietnam 2014 conference. The conference was organized by the State Bank of Vietnam, Information Technology Department of the Bank (ITDB), and IDG Vietnam and has become a renowned event among the banker’s community in Vietnam. The conference is held to provide attendees with the latest insights into the Banking and IT industry. Since this special conference is extremely popular, the organizers decided to start gathering feedback from their guests to figure out why it is so and to make sure it stays that way. The organizers specifically wanted to collect more guest comments. Feedbackstr enabled the organizers to gather 135 responses from their guests, many of which included high-quality comments. The responses were either gathered through hostesses with tablets or through the QR codes/links printed on paper materials. The high participation rate shows the success of Feedbackstr’s implementation.

The Security World 2014 conference focused on cutting-edge products and solutions in the security industry and looked at the latest technology trends of 2014. The following pressing topics were discussed: information security, mobile device management policies, the mitigation of security threats, and the integration of security and risk management solutions into corporations. The 400 conference attendees and 150 exhibition visitors were impressed by 15 conference sponsors, 11 speakers, and had 7 booths to visit. Since Security World is an annual event, the organizers required important feedback to improve the years to come and retain those guests. 35% of the guests who attended Security World submitted valuable feedback via tablets and QR codes.

The Korea ICT Day 2013 exposition was successfully held in Hanoi and concentrated on the theme of, “Solutions for Banking & Finance.” The exposition was held as an opportunity to share new concepts and present innovative technology from Korean corporations, all of which are thought to optimize banking and financial operations. Moreover, the conference addressed the current key issues which all leading bankers, financial experts, and IT consultants must focus on to improve banking governance and expand operational capabilities. A variety of media channels were used to draw attention to Korea Day’s survey, including tablets and QR codes. 40% of the overall number of guests submitted their feedback on the event, supplying the IDG with useful information and suggestions for improvement.

Real-time data to increase service quality at all events

IDG Vietnam greatly values their visitors’ opinions, as they are imperative for measuring the success of their expositions and for the continuous improvement of events. Feedbackstr is proud to assist IDG in achieving its goal of better guest insight. Through Spectos’ Enterprise Feedback Management System, all three events were able to use digital surveying methods to increase the company’s response rate, providing them with more feedback than ever before to keep visitors coming back.

Key Facts

  • Worldwide leading technology company for media, events and research
  • Operates in 97 countries
  • Brands include CIO, Computerworld, PCWorld and Macworld


  • Digitization of the previous paper survey
  • Continuous feedback recording at three separate events
  • Increase in the number of survey participants

Spectos Solution

  • Digital Enterprise Feedback Management System
  • Recording of qualitative feedback
  • Use of tablets and provision of supportinghostess
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