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Complaint management: The path to high customer satisfaction

Katja Peschke

Katja Peschke

Jun 17, 2020

Complaint management: The path to high customer satisfaction
Katja Peschke

Katja Peschke

Jun 17, 2020

Permanently high customer satisfaction is the be-all and end-all of a successful business, and professional complaint management is an essential tool for ensuring this. Companies have long known that poor handling of customer complaints may lead to customers leaving, sales plummeting and the company image suffering. How can customer satisfaction be measured continuously and how can efficient complaint management be implemented in practice? What solutions can be used to successfully conduct customer dialogue?

Why customer complaints are good for business

Measuring customer satisfaction with Spectos solutions

Customer complaints are preceded by unfulfilled expectations and the resulting dissatisfaction. However, each complaint also presents an opportunity to improve existing processes and directly influence the success of the company. Once a company is aware of this, immediate and sustainable redress can be achieved through customer-oriented action. This requires that both management and employees recognize the relevance of the issue. Forward-thinking companies that work in a self-reflective manner and actively explore solutions and alternative courses of action can guarantee a high quality of service in the long term.

Know what customers want – with a customer dialogue system

Multi-channel measurements: Customer satisfaction with Spectos FeedbackstrA complaint management system needs feedback in order to function. To turn complaints into praise, the customer must therefore have communication channels available at every touchpoint of the Customer Journey to easily pass on criticism, ideas, and praise to the company. The establishment of flexible multi-channel satisfaction surveys (online and offline, independent of location and device) also signals a willingness to engage in dialogue and significantly increases the response rate.

Why do only a fraction of customers complain in practice? The reasons are not a marginally lower willingness to complain, but more the often non-existent or inflexible complaint channels. A low number of incoming complaints does not automatically mean that customer satisfaction is high. Therefore, the more flexible the feedback options, the higher the willingness to participate and the volume of usable information!

Measure customer satisfaction & turn complaints into praise – centrally in one application and at the push of a button

A Complaint Management System enables the monitoring and control of the generated data
in order to be able to react quickly to complaints and to initiate and take appropriate measures:

While customer opinions can be obtained in a meaningful way via modern Enterprise Feedback Management Systems (EFM), data and information are systematically collected, processed and analyzed in a performance management system. In this way, a sustainable increase in service quality is achieved! The implementation is easy to realize with innovative technologies and appropriate support.

The Spectos RTPM™ Suite is part of the Spectos technologyIn the Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite, developed by Spectos as an SaaS application, both requirements are combined: both the multi-channel satisfaction surveys via the online survey tool Feedbackstr and the monitoring and control of the feedback via the integrated ticket system in Spectos Complaints Management. Users receive a comprehensive insight into all relevant key figures via user-friendly, customized dashboards.

How to structure customer dialogue with Spectos solutions

Mobile approach: Satisfaction survey via smartphone

A successful handling of customer complaints can be exemplary with Spectos solutions: Customer satisfaction and consumer opinions can be collected via telephone, Paper & Pencil (we even digitize paper questionnaires!), App, Terminal, Web and E-mail. In addition to motivating customers to take part in the survey, appropriate incentives can also be offered via the automated voucher system in Spectos Feedbackstr.

Afterwards the complaints are automatically created as tasks in the ticket system for processing. For a quick and successful resolution, these are automatically assigned to the responsible department or employee according to previously defined rules. Real-time reports give those responsible an overview of the processing status and the processing time. The ticket system enables the company the opportunity for immediate redress. In combination with the continuous monitoring and analysis of the defined complaint KPIs, service quality can be controlled and optimized in the long term. QM reports and relevance frequency analyses can be generated within seconds.Manage your complaints with a Spectos ticket system

One advantage of the Spectos complaint management system is its cross-industry applicability. This is possible because Spectos solutions are not standardized and are developed in close cooperation with the customers. Customers in the healthcare sector as well as in the automotive industry and the mobility sector trust our structured and scientifically recognized approach.

Conducting customer dialog, winning the hearts of customers, increasing corporate success Conclusion

Quality Management with Spectos RTPM™ Suite

In addition to the continuous improvement of the company’s own service quality, a complaints management system contributes to the cyclical development of the company. Furthermore, the rapid identification of error causes at process level provides the first indications for continuous process improvements and new developments. Customer satisfaction is a decisive indicator of service deficits. Customers and stakeholders give you valuable information about your processes through feedback. The rectification of disclosed weaknesses has a significant impact on your future existence.

Create a basis for customer loyalty and improve service quality

With professional complaint management, you create a basis for customer loyalty and the future repeat-use of the services you offer. The Spectos complaint management system also enables the systematic recording, processing, analysis, and evaluation of all concerns in one platform. In this way the continuous improvement and innovation of your own processes in terms of customer orientation is achieved.