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Spectos Healthcare for Continuous Service Quality Management on all Levels

A long lasting, successful organization is always measured and supported by satisfied patients and staff alike. To get to this point is no easy feat. A system must be created to continuously detect the pulse of an organization and everyday operations. This forms the backbone in creating an overall culture geared towards service quality. Such a structure requires the interaction and participation of all stakeholders involved.

Service quality and patient satisfaction have a decisive influence on strategic organizational development, profitability and image. Satisfaction of referring doctors and employees is just as important. The economic success of the healthcare provider depends on these groups.

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Customized Solutions for measuring the satisfaction of Patients, Employees and Referring Doctors in real-time

Spectos Healthcare offers hospitals, clinics, medical care centres, medical practices, nursing facilities and outpatient services a cost-effective and efficient way to collect, evaluate and control feedback from their central target and interest groups: patients, referring physicians, employees. Get all your service-relevant metrics in real time and react immediately to time-critical events.

How Spectos Healthcare works to improve service quality in the healthcare sector

Spectos Healthcare has been developed together with experts of the healthcare sector for simple and fast operation. Our solution combines all the advantages of a real-time measurement system for a continuous Service Quality Management. This enables you to identify service deficits as quickly as possible and correct them immediately.Our complete solution for the healthcare industry offers the individual person many ways for their voice to be heard and various channels for your organization to respond in real time. Build on the wealth of experience of your respondents and gradually optimize your service quality.

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Your advantages with Spectos Healthcare

  • Always up-to-date and high-quality data due from various data collection channels (online/offline)
  • Measure everywhere and permanently at important contact points
  • Low personnel costs
  • Meaningful benchmarking
  • Better responsiveness to criticism
  • Integrated complaint management with ticket system
  • Detailed evaluations
  • Automated reports
  • Receiving of alert notifications
  • Improved service quality
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Service Quality Management in Real Time: Healthcare Application and Benefits

Service Quality Management with Spectos Healthcare combines various survey methods and gathers feedback at each important contact points of the Customer Journey (e.g., admission, waiting area, hospital bed, etc.). Real-time collection allows you to respond immediately to complaints without wasting time. All data is collected, organized and provided in the Real-Time Performance Management tool (RTPM). A click of a button is all you need to view your reports on a daily basis.

Example views in the Healthcare Cockpit
Ticket System at the Healthcare Cockpit

The integrated ticketing system allows for detailed insights into all critical issues. This system provides a reliable perspective of existing complaints, their processing status and the communication channel used. As soon as a complaint is received, a new ticket is automatically created and assigned to the corresponding people in charge. At the same time, a notification is sent to those responsible via email, text message and or app about any changes within the ticket system.


  • Connection to existing HIS / CRM systems via interface (eg SAP, IS-H, Afga Orbis, Siemens)
  • Multiple communication channels: email, SMS, link, QR code, tablet, terminal, WhatsApp, PC, paper questionnaire (including digitization)
  • Optional closed subscriber groups with anonymous access keys
  • Real-time data collection
  • Integrated ticket system with real-time notifications
  • Display of number of complaints, processing status, average processing time, communication channels used, satisfaction with problem solving, distribution per department and number of complaints per category
  • Deposit of internal escalation rules for ticket handling
  • Access roles enable different authorizations and reports
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regular audits

Preparation for certification or recertification with Spectos Healthcare

The certification of the organization and associated processes plays a special role in regular audits. To prepare for certification or recertification, Spectos Healthcare supports all employees, wards and departments with continuous and real-time data for the relevant quality criteria of whichever quality standard you are utilizing.