Continuous surveys for higher satisfaction of your referring physicians

Do you know how satisfied your referring doctors are with your healthcare institution and what requirements they have? With Spectos Healthcare, we support you in quickly and easily recording the needs of your referring physicians via a variety of channels such as SMS, email, PC, tablet, smartphone, fax or letter. Improve service quality and relationships with your referring physicians continuously through high referrer satisfaction.

How to stabilize the loyalty of referring doctors with regular surveys

Referring physicians are integral to the success of a healthcare provider, as their recommendations or non-recommendations have a significant influence on the flow of patients in hospitals and medical care providers. Several studies show that about 75% of patients follow the recommendation of their referring physician and choose the recommended institution, as a clear verification of the quality of services of a hospital is almost impossible for the patient.

A positive referrer satisfaction has an intensive effect on the collaboration between clinic and referring physician and thus on the long-term overall success. Therefore, a targeted and quick response to concerns strengthens a positive relationship between hospitals and referring physicians.

Get better access to the requirements of referring physicians with surveys by Spectos Healthcare. Build on the experience of your colleagues and optimize internal workflows accordingly. With a continuously improved service quality you become the first choice of referring physicians and enjoy a constant flow of patients.

Your advantages with referring doctors surveys by Spectos Healthcare

  • Holistic monitoring of the quality criteria for referrers in real-time
  • High response rate of referrer surveys due to a variety of communication channels
  • Target group specific data
  • Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of collaboration and internal processes
  • Quick and clear evaluation of your individual quality criteria according to target groups, clinical forms, departments, disciplines as well as frequent and minor referrers
  • Support your complaint management with up-to-date data
  • Significantly less expensive than traditional methods
  • Stable cooperation with referring physicians
  • Optimum data preparation with detailed analyses and alarm system
  • Quick response to criticism and problems
  • Short-term surveys possible
  • Display of real-time data in user-specific cockpits
  • All channels, all data, one cockpit

Approaches and use of referring doctors surveys with Spectos Healthcare

Learn more about the needs and requirements of referring physicians by offering your surveys via a variety of communication channels. The multichannel approach of Spectos Healthcare achieves a significant increase in response rates compared to classic methods such as Paper & Pencil due to its high flexibility, easy accessibility and ease of use.

Regardless of the channels used, all results are displayed in real-time in the Spectos Healthcare dashboard. The digital model also defines which departments and persons have access to specific data. As a result, people in charge always see the results they need, whenever they need them.

This high level of flexibility ensures increased participation while reducing survey costs, providing a better overview of the quality of the experience and processes. Alternatively, telephone surveys and paper questionnaires can be used as complementary methods. All surveys are adjusted according to the target group and clinical form and thus deliver concrete results.


  • Seamless HIS integration via API
  • Communication Systems: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Tablet, Terminal, QR Code and Shortlink
  • Optional digitization service via Support Center
  • Optional closed subscriber groups with anonymous access keys
  • Native Apps


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