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Relevant KPIs in real-time and at a glance with the Spectos Healthcare Cockpit

Excerpts of cockpit views

The Healthcare Cockpit is a specific form of the Spectos RTPM Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite for the healthcare sector. Within the Healthcare Cockpit you receive all results of patient surveys, referral surveys and employee surveys centrally in one place. For example, you can see the Net Promoter Score of your referring physicians at a glance.

  • Targeted analyses for operational & strategic control based on daily updated data
  • Clear and concise presentation of relevant quality criteria and KPIs
Example overall view at the healthcare cockpit
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Your Advantages

All results from your satisfaction measurements at a glance

report about multichannel surveys in the healthcare cockpit

The Healthcare Cockpit enables you to continuously optimize your internal processes in order to sustainably improve service quality.

  • Holistic monitoring of important quality factors such as care, availability, meals, accommodation, organisation and treatment success in real time.
  • Targeted derivation of action measures based on daily updated data

With a cockpit tailored to your needs, you can obtain relevant key figures to ensure the satisfaction of your patients, employees and referring physicians.

  • 360° view of the satisfaction of patients, referring physicians and employees; available at any time and from any location
  • Push notifications and alerts when critical feedback arrives
Key Figures for Referral Satisfaction in the Healthcare Cockpit
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Continuous portfolio analyses and precise insights into existing opinions

Portfolio Analysis in the Healthcare Cockpit

The continuous analysis of feedback from patients and referring physicians reveals weaknesses in processes in order to develop suitable measures for improvement.

  • Simple internal and external benchmarking
  • QM reports for internal audits and certifications at the push of a button

The Healthcare Cockpit allows structured complaint management in the healthcare sector.

  • Cross-location visualization of satisfaction results
  • Precise information on the number of total complaints, their processing status and the average processing time
Location comparison Healthcare Cockpit
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Integrated ticket system for more efficiency

Ticket System at the Healthcare Cockpit

The ticket system integrated in the Healthcare Cockpit guarantees you an efficient handling of inquiries and complaints.

  • Integrated ticket system with real-time information on current complaints and the respective processing status of individual tickets
  • Automated allocation of all tickets to responsible departments, quality managers and other responsible persons
  • Alerts and reminders via SMS, e-mail or app provide information about the current status and new incoming messages
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Case Studies

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    AMEOS Group

    The AMEOS case study shows how the Healthcare Cockpit centralizes and evaluates all feedback from multi-channel employee surveys.

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    Klinikum Bad Salzungen

    During the case study about the Klinikum Bad Salzungen, you will learn how Spectos Healthcare can easily and conveniently evaluate employee surveys in real time.

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    Krankenhaus der Augustinerinnen

    Here you can find out how the Krankenhaus der Augustinerinnen evaluates all the results of its online and paper surveys at the touch of a button.