Relevant KPIs in real-time and at a glance with the Spectos Healthcare Cockpit

Excerpts of cockpit views

Example: Display of general performance overview in the Healthcare Cockpit

The Healthcare Cockpit is a specific form of the Spectos RTPM Real-Time Performance Management Suite for the healthcare sector.

Within the Healthcare Cockpit you receive all results of patient surveys, referral surveys and employee surveys centrally in one place. For example, you can see the Net Promoter Score of your referring physicians at a glance.

The Healthcare Cockpit provides you with evaluations and analyses of the collected data in real-time on the basis of relevant quality criteria.

All results from your satisfaction measurements at a glance

Example: Aggregated results of satisfaction surveys

With a cockpit tailored to your needs, you can monitor relevant quality factors in real-time and break down individual results for more detailed insights.

Holistic monitoring of important quality factors in real-time

The Healthcare Cockpit facilitates the continuous monitoring of relevant quality criteria.

Excerpt of Healthcare Cockpit: Performance of selected quality criteria

A holistic monitoring of quality factors that are important to your clinic or hospital, such as care, accessibility, catering, accommodation, organisation and treatment success, supports you in deriving targeted measures for high quality healthcare. The all encompassing approach benefits the continuous optimization of internal processes and a sustainable improvement of patient and staff satisfaction and service quality at your healthcare organization. 

Continuous portfolio analyses and precise insights into existing opinions

Learn of ongoing expectations, praise and criticism of your patients through the Healthcare Cockpit.

Excerpt of Healthcare Cockpit: Portfolio analyses and current opinions

The continuous analysis of feedback from patients and referring physicians reveals weaknesses in processes in order to develop suitable measures for improvement.

Benchmarking at the touch of a button

Internal benchmarking made easy with the Healthcare Cockpit.

Example of satisfaction levels of referring doctors across locations

The Healthcare Cockpit enables a structured complaint management in the healthcare sector. In addition to a cross-location visualization of satisfaction results, the reports provide precise information on the number of total complaints, their processing status and the average processing time.

Integrated ticket system for more efficiency

The ticket system within the Healthcare Cockpit guarantees an efficient handling of inquiries and complaints.

Example of ticket system in the Healthcare Cockpit

The ticket system integrated in the Healthcare Cockpit guarantees you an efficient handling of inquiries and complaints. Each ticket is assigned to the responsible quality managers or other person in charge. Alerts and reminders via SMS, e-mail or app inform the staff in charge on the current ticket status and new incoming messages.


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