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Studentenwerk Dresden

Studentenwerk Dresden is responsible for providing food and catering services to a total of 9 university campuses in Dresden, Zittau, and Görlitz. Over 48,000 students come to use the dining options provided by Studentenwerk. Of utmost importance is the continuous monitoring of quality from its student patrons for the Dresden food service provider.

The challenge: A modern tool to continuously monitor customer service and QM

Studentenwerk Dresden wanted a continuous and efficient method to measure their customer service and internal Quality Management System. The aim was to have the food on offer, the services and the opening hours of several gastronomic establishments on the university campus evaluated by questioning students and university staff. The satisfaction surveys that had been carried out selectively to date were to be replaced by a modern online tool.

QR Codes for Tech-Savvy Students

The flexible and easy to use Feedbackstr was introduced by Spectos to Studentenwerk Dresden. The company was able to create various surveys to measure their patrons’ satisfaction levels at the individual dining facilities. By placing eye-catching marketing and advertising materials embedded with QR codes and short-links, they were able to capture the attention of the tech-savvy students. Students were allowed to give their feedback on the daily food and service offerings.

Continuous Enhancement

By regularly collecting feedback, Studentenwerk Dresden can analyze student trends and tastes and then incorporate that feedback into its daily offers. Any weaknesses in service can be detected quickly and rectified immediately. All of this data has helped to enhance the image of the cafeterias and optimize food and beverages according to the students’ tastes.

Key Facts

  • Important partner and supporter for students
  • 48,000 students from Dresden, Zittau and Görlitz
  • A high number of different gastronomic establishments


  • Surveys about food offer, services, opening times
  • Replacement of selective customer satisfaction surveys with online-tools
  • Continiuous and efficient measurement of service quality for the internal quality management

Spectos Solution

  • Questionnaires for measuring student satisfaction in gastronomy facilities
  • Posters, table cards, flyer with QR-codes and shortlinks in cafeteria
  • Regular survey for trend forecasting
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