More and more large companies are integrating enterprise feedback management solutions to collect the opinions of large amounts of customers. Due to the increasing usage of tablets and touchscreen devices, intercepting essential data in the middle of the customer journey is now not only possible, but extremely efficient and cost effective. Especially when comparing the processing times of new technologies to traditional market research measures, such as the digitization of results to pencil-and-paper surveys, it becomes clear that it’s time for a change.

Instead of wasting time on unnecessary digitizations, companies can now use touchscreen terminals to view their data in real time, as well as provide another touch point for communication between customer and brand.

The middle of the customer journey takes place either during or right after the customer experience.

Moreover, it can also be a place of interaction, such as in store or online. Online channels, such as the company website or social networks, are usually visited either at the beginning or at the end of the customer journey.

The reason why being notified of a poor experience in the middle of the customer journey is so important is because it enables you to address and react to the negative feedback in real time, giving you the opportunity to turn a poor impression into a wowing experience for customers. By doing so, the customer satisfaction rises and you benefit from even more positive online reviews, stating how tentative you were and quickly you reacted to customer feedback. These types of positive reviews are the ones that will not only make your current customer base more loyal, but also attract new customers looking for businesses of your kind.

However, if you let the poor experiences slip through the cracks during the customer journey, you risk receiving negative online reviews, which may potentially damage your reputation and cost you future sales. Having no control over what customers are saying about you online and not being able to defend your online reputation is a scary situation that is best avoided.

Instead of investing thousand of dollars in marketing gimmicks, companies should steer their focus towards implementing measures to help them track their service quality in real time.

If your organization is experiencing discrepancy in sales between its various locations, implementing a real time Enterprise Feedback Management System with a feedback terminal might be the right option for you.

Figure out what exactly is occurring in each location, how to improve the stores that need it most, and how to maintain a consistent level of service quality to keep you from falling into old habits.

The real, underlying problem with periodical surveys or other traditional market research methods is that they can’t provide you with the information you need when you need it. The data is already too old by the time you see it, meaning that it’s too late for damage control. Moreover, long surveys can’t deliver you with accurate information about every interaction and they don’t create an effective communication channel between company and brand. Traditional methods just can’t keep up with the variety, velocity and volume of customer data in today’s economy.

While deploying feedback terminals might seem like a daunting task at first, it’s actually extremely easy, quick, and even simpler than other point of sale systems. Just like cash registers are now outdated, the classic suggestion box is also ready for its well-deserved retirement. It’s time to go digital!