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With over 25 thousand employees, bpost is the leading national provider for mailing and distribution of parcels in Belgium. According to EU legislation, a contract between the Belgium government and bpost regulates all compliance standards such as the measurement of transmitting times of letters and packages. This compliance is verified by the Belgium Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications or BIPT, which uses standards EN 13850 (letters) and EN 14534 (bulk mail) for its analyses.

Run-Time Shipment Tracking

Under its initiative, between 1998 and 2001, BIPT measured first-class mail or priority shipments. During this time, this government agency implemented a bonus-malus system. This helped in providing evidence of consistent quality achieved, but also, in turn, helped to incentivize proactive improvements of the postal system. Every 3 years since 2002, the tendering of this measurement is awarded to an external market research institute, which is now the responsibility of bpost itself, in agreement with BIPT.

Sensor and Letter Tracking

In 2010, Spectos participated in the tendering process. As of March 2011, Spectos has been maintaining the measurement system for first-class and non-priority mail, such as parcels and regular items. For these measurements, Spectos utilizes private households as well as panelists as test senders and recipients. These participants are recruited by Spectos in-house support center. The panels are organized to coincide with the most important transit routes for bpost (462); these are further broken down by regional delivery centers. 100% of all priority shipments are equipped with RFID transponders. Using this method allows for all mail to be traceable and allows bpost to see any irregularities in their services. Spectos is partnered with Lyngsoe and IPC in integrating the RFID readings directly into the bpost’s monitoring system. In this way, the test data is automatically validated and enriched.

EN Standards

bpost receives daily results and reports about panel status, RFID equipment and awareness of the target distribution. Once a month, Spectos generates a report that is directly sent to BIPT. BIPT orders and audits every four years to inspect quality, which is then audited by an outside company (PwC).



Key Facts

  • Belgiums leading Post & logistics provider
  • 9.1 million letters and 126.000 parcels per day
  • Largest employer in Belgium, over 25.000 employees


  • Implementation of bonus-malus system by government agency
  • First class mail or priority shipments carried out by BIPT
  • Independent award of the contract and tendering of the system via bpost

Spectos Solution

  • Transponder Measurement of Delivery Quality
  • RFID-Tags and Gates for exact measurement
  • Audited measurement according to European standards
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