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Post Tracking: RFID, Live Tracker and Smart Sensors

Nadia Hilger

Nadia Hilger

May 12, 2020

Post Tracking: RFID, Live Tracker and Smart Sensors
Nadia Hilger

Nadia Hilger

May 12, 2020

With the E-commerce boom, online shopping has now become part of our everyday life. According to the E-Commerce Monitor 2020 (in German) by Spectos, more than half of the respondents shop online at least once or twice monthly on average. However, not everyone is aware of the logistical background work to be done by courier service providers after the click “confirm order”.

When will I receive my post?

For consumers, the last mile plays an important role for post tracking. It is when they are informed of whether the product is already within reach or the concrete delivery time. But until the courier rings their doorbell or the products are at their last mile, the consignments will have to pass through a series of storage, dispatch, and transportation processes.

Seamless business and logistics processes ensure prompt delivery to the end customer. It is beneficial for postal service operators in two aspects: Punctual delivery, ideally on the first delivery attempt, increases customer satisfaction and prevents incurrence of additional costs by involved parties. Any disruption within the supply chain, such as transport delays or delivery cancellations, often results in adverse effects on subsequent processes and workflows. A transparent and flexible supply chain is therefore essential for every postal and parcel service provider to be able to react swiftly and effectively at any time.

Post tracking with innovative technologies

Supply chain transparency and traceability of shipments along the entire supply chain, not just for the last mile, can be ensured with the use of appropriate technologies. The post & logistics industry can choose from a wide range of solutions, from RFID systems, live trackers to smart sensors. We have compiled a list of technologies used at various stages of the supply chain and the potential post tracking solutions that they offer: 

RFID technology: transparency a step at a time

  • Established quality and reliable measurement method for the postal and logistics industry
  • Suitable for warehouses, sorting centers, distribution centers and delivery depots
  • Technology consists of RFID gate + RFID tags
  • Real-time data collection of different products at different measurement points
  • System is based on passive antenna technology which is more cost-effective than scanning methods
  • Wireless transmission of sensor-generated data
    Post tracking with RFID technology

RFID gates read the tags attached to the shipments at predefined intersections and transfer points without the need for them to be in full line of sight. In this way, fully automated data acquisition can be achieved, providing accurate insights into delivery, handover, sorting and logistics processes.


GSM live tracker – comprehensive and global post tracking

  • End-to-end supply chain transparency with global connectivity via GSM network (mobile network + Wi-Fi)
  • Tracking of various assets and shipments from trucks & vehicles, mail bags & trolleys, to letters & shipments
  • Energy-efficient solution with long battery life to ensure tracking autonomy of up to 1 year
  • No additional infrastructure needed with the small-sized, lightweight and discreet technology
  • Live automated alerts based on geo-fencing for misrouted deliveries allows proactive troubleshooting
  • Monitoring of parcels and goods return processes

Global real-time shipment tracking with live GSM trackersLive trackers are a simple and cost-effective option for real-time supply chain tracking and end-to-end monitoring of complex and interlinked processes. For example, the credit card-sized and lightweight (42g) tracker from Kizy Tracking sends status updates along the entire supply chain, including indoors and metallic environments such as containers. There are also add-ons available to extend its battery autonomy up to 3 years or functionality with temperature tracking.


Supply chain data management using cockpits and dashboards

  • End-to-end supply chain monitoring of real-time data in one platform
  • Visually appealing charts and easy-to-understand reports
  • Consistent process checks for the selected factors of quality improvement measurement
  • Monitoring of compliance with European postal delivery standards DIN EN 13850 and DIN EN 14534

Utilize Spectos real-time performance management cockpits to monitor your supply chain data in real-timeThe full potential of data from RFID systems and live tracking can be best utilized through integrative software solutions. The data collected by live trackers and RFID gates is collated, visualized and analyzed in performance management platforms such as the Spectos RTPM™ Suite, enabling continuous supply chain and quality management. Read here the story, of how the German Mail Carrier postcon tracks letters via RFID and GSM trackers.

Smart Sensors

  • Reduction and prevention of fraud and theft
  • Motion and light sensors for reliable detection of mail drops
  • Automated alerts and push notifications via SMS, email or app for critical situations

Post tracking with smart sensorsIn addition to supply chain management, tracking devices such as the Kizy K-2 Tracker are equipped with motion and light sensors that are able to detect external interferences. Unauthorized access to shipments can be quickly identified and located with automated push notifications. Retailers and CEP service providers will then be able to act on it immediately. Improvement of last mile planning, such as route optimization for collection of letters and other items or for monitoring of collection and pick-up times, are also made possible with mailboxes attached with the smart sensors.


Which solution is most suited for my company?

The team at Spectos does not believe in “one size fits all”. Every company is unique and has different needs. Spectos therefore offers a variety of solutions to cater to the individualities of each company. Together we can explore which post tracking solution is best suited for your business. For postal and logistics service providers, we are not only able to support you with provision and implementation of RFID and live tracking technologies, but also with other services such as video coding and transit time measurement. Contact us to find out more!