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Support Center

The Spectos Support Center offers you the necessary infrastructure and framework for the implementation of your projects. We flexibly take over tasks from your daily business, offline as well as online. Our experienced staff will support you in getting to the bottom of your customers' wishes and needs. Benefit from the advantages of direct dialogue and continually increase your service quality through improved services.

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Support for your projects with the Spectos Support Center

Our experts and will support you with their expertise and ensure that your projects and systems run smoothly. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of service quality and receive certified support in the systematic collection of feedback, the creation of targeted surveys, the preparation of mystery shopping projects and many other requirements for your performance management.

Your advantages by using the Spectos Support Center

  • Targeted marketing (interactive marketing) through direct, quasi-personal customer contact
  • Long-term customer loyalty by meeting expectations of quality and service
  • Systematic acquisition of new customers through clear target group profiling based on customer behaviour (data mining)
  • Cost reduction through learning relationship, sales control, reduced wastage, etc.
  • Focus on profitable customers through comprehensive customer information
  • Competitive edge through innovative service
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Call Center: We value personal contact

As part of telephone market research, we collect the desired data for you using modern CATI studies (Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interview). Benefit from our experience in complex studies, which guarantees you an agile and timely order processing and high-quality results. We are happy to support you in the complete conception of your market research campaign or in individual sub-areas. Let us take care of the development of the questionnaires, the recruitment of study participants, the delivery of the data or the evaluation of the results. For your market research purposes, access our worldwide panel of over 200,000 study participants. 

With our in-house call center, Spectos provides you with the necessary infrastructure and framework for your projects. Learning Relationships thus become reality. All customer information is integrally accessible, so that the knowledge about your customers grows with every contact.

The internationality of our clients requires a worldwide operation of our call center team. Benefit from our experience in international market research projects. Realize your international studies with our native speakers in over 15 languages.

Full service

We support you in multi-stage campaign management, handle your service hotline and help you build your online reputation. As an outsourced back office, we will handle for you around the clock all steps from complaints processing and data recording to digitization and complete document management. Your customers can order from us by fax and email or alternatively use the service hotline. We send your letters, coordinate the distribution of flyers and organize your info mailings – targeted and at the right time.

Support Center in Dresden
Back Office in the Support Center


Numerous reporting and analysis options are always available in your RTPMTM Suite. If you have specific report requirements or need special figures and graphs for your next presentation, we will be happy to provide them for you.

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Scope of services offered by the Spectos Support Center

Inbound services

  • Customer advisory service/support
  • Inbound Sales / Level Support / Help Desk
  • Supervision of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, etc.)
  • Overflow-call center
  • Complaint management
  • Escalation management
  • Fax and Email Management
Support Center employees for social media monitoring
Employees in Support Center

Outbound services

  • Qualitative market research
  • Quantitative market research
  • Customer recovery
  • Surveys/ Studies
  • Data collection
  • Schedule management
  • Mystery tests, mystery research, mystery calls
  • Potential analyses
  • Address research

Back office support and international projects

  • Complaint handling
  • Complaint management
  • Data acquisition and data research
  • Document management
  • International team to support over 15 languages
Digitization at the Spectos Support Center