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How important is Service Quality Management in the Healthcare Sector?

Justine Gerlach

Justine Gerlach

Nov 28, 2019

How important is Service Quality Management in the Healthcare Sector?
Justine Gerlach

Justine Gerlach

Nov 28, 2019

In times of a growing world population and the continuous development of new technologies, the healthcare sector is constantly changing and expanding. Health and care are sensitive issues in our society, which is why a high level of quality assurance is essential. In addition to offering a broad range of services, the healthcare system should above all be characterized by outstanding quality. Offering a high-quality service is often the challenge for hospitals and other health facilities. How can healthcare providers ensure this? A holistic approach to service quality management and digitalization is the answer. 

Healthcare sector team analysis

Regular controls of quality development ensure a good service in hospitals.

Quality assurance at all levels 

Quality is a key determining factor in competition. A holistic quality management system supports hospitals in measuring, controlling, validating and improving their service quality. In order to provide the best possible service, business operations and health services must be continuously monitored for quality indicators. This can include satisfaction surveys for patients and employees, as well as a smart inventory management. A well-working quality management system is essential for the strategic organizational development, the corporate image and economic success. Therefore, healthcare facilities need a 360° view of all processes and stakeholders. There are several solutions to achieve this: In addition to continuous omni-channel satisfaction surveys, there are also the possibilities of a Complaint Management Service with an integrated Healthcare Ticket System.  

From data to action

Ticket system in Spectos Healthcare Cockpit

All quality measurements at a glance.

But what is the use of service quality monitoring when hospitals aren’t able to evaluate or interpret the data? The gap between data and resulting actions can only be closed by a meaningful aggregation, analysis and presentation of all results. A centralized visualization of the data is realized by Spectos in a web-based, tailor-made healthcare cockpit. This Software-as-a-Service platform enables a global view of all services and processes, tailored to the specific needs of the respective quality manager or general management.

Sustainable Service Quality Management is easier than expected

Thanks to digitization, continuous measurements of quality development can be carried out easily. Tailored solutions ensure that neither employees nor patients are faced with extra workloads. An example: A start-stop function, integrated into digital questionnaires, allows to continue a survey at a later point. This could be relevant in case of an emergency. The healthcare provider AMEOS uses this option for its employee survey and can react to needs or complaints in real time by using the Healthcare Cockpit.

Nurse conducts patient surveys

Patient survey as one solution for quality optimization.

Try something new

In the ongoing change of time, hospitals and co. have to adapt to current circumstances at any time. High quality, however, should be ensured at all times. Service Quality Management is a continuous and sustainable process and can be optimized through progressive thinking and digitization.The Spectos solutions combine both.

You want to know how you can integrate the Spectos solutions into your own healthcare facility? Get more insights on our healthcare website or contact us for your particular inquiry.