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Customer satisfaction at Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt

Continuous high customer service quality is our claim. The Real-Time Performance Management platform by Spectos enables us to respond in real-time to our customers‘ assessments and ensure high customer satisfaction levels. The actions we take allow for long-term quality assurance.

Valentina Schut | Service Management Assistant | Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt

Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt

The German automobile manufacturer Audi is known for its reliable engineering technology. Even though technology is central to what the brand is known for, customer service and support play just as an equal role in the continuing success of the company.

Service quality is of top priority for Audi and its partner Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt. Known for its all around service and maintenance, Audi Zentrum’s approximately 300 employees all maintain the same high level of quality for each customer. Accolades are regularly given to Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt for its excellent customer service. From 2016 through to 2018, it has achieved Audi’s TOP Service Partner certification.

Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt

Quality Assurance through instant ticket system

In 2016, Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt began looking for a customer feedback management solution to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Spectos provided its Real-Time Performance Management suite and thus equipped Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt to work towards its two overarching goals: continuous service quality monitoring and efficient quality management.

Customers of Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt are given the opportunity to give their feedback on the level of service provided – immediately after the work is complete! For all ratings below 5 stars, a ticket is immediately created via the ticket system and transmitted in real time to the responsible quality manager for further processing. In addition to this, Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt can utilize the tickets to create action plans for quality assurance. These plans can be generated as pdf reports and incorporated into a long term QM safeguards which are needed for ISO and TüV certifications.

Customer feedback in Real-Time

In order to obtain customer responses and opinions, two methods were created. First, immediately after the service is completed and payment made, the customer is given the option to submit reviews about the service via a personal tablet. And secondly, customers have the option of providing information via telephone or email at a later date.

A ticket alert option was developed for creation and control of tickets; this solution was then integrated into the Real-Time feedback management cockpit. With this addition, specific tasks can be generated at the touch of a button and immediately made available for the responsible person. Another function that was created, is the option to give an answer once completing a ticket.

Advancement through Technology and Top Customer Service!

Armed with the RTPM solution by Spectos, Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt has achieved its customer service goals it set out to implement. Firstly, customer feedback can be used to check processes and continuously improve service quality. Secondly, customers can be provided with a channel to submit reviews and complaints directly to the dealership. All of this, gives Audi Zentrum Ingolstadt the opportunity to respond quickly to complaints, anticipate negative comments on public portals and in the best case scenario highlight attention to a satisfied customer. The automatic creation of reports for quality management helps in the overall efficiency for the organization.

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