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Complaint Management

Criticism of a service always gives companies the opportunity to optimize their own service quality. It is therefore vital to identify sources of problems and errors within corporate processes as early as possible. A structured complaint management supports you in systematically identifying and evaluating weak points and quickly eliminating them for a sustained high level of customer satisfaction.

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When critics become fans: This is how the positive corporate image succeeds

Our solutions for Complaint Management enable the immediate identification and rapid elimination of problems and friction points. Capture inquiries and complaints right at their source and place your customers at the heart of your continuous improvement strategy.

Advantages for your business

  • Easy reach of large target groups through use of different media and survey channels
  • Benchmarking of branches, locations, departments at the touch of a button
  • Fast derivation of improvement and innovation potential
  • Reduced processing effort
  • Efficient customer contact
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Better corporate image
  • Sustainable increase in service quality
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Strengthen your corporate image through transparency in the Customer Journey

Easily capture customer experiences

With our flexible multi-channel satisfaction surveys, you can quickly and easily capture complaints, criticism, praise and comments at any point of the customer journey. Conduct your personal survey strategy via app, terminal, web, email and telephone. To better describe the concerns, your respondents can even add files and photos to online surveys.

face-to-face satisfaction survey
Example cockpits at the RTPM Suite

Spectos Complaint Management Cockpit

The Spectos Real-Time Performance ManagementTM Suite centrally displaysfeedback from customer surveys in real-time. Benefit from relevant metrics such as processing status and processing time for tickets and complaint distribution, and respond immediately to critical service events.

Automatic real-time reports

The Spectos RTPMTM Suite offers customized cockpits that significantly simplify the monitoring and control of individual and standardized complaint indicators. Reports on processing status, processing time and complaint distribution, for example, considerably simplify team meetings and executive summaries. For performance visualization, regular reports with frequency-relevance analyses can be exported at the push of a button.

Reports about customer feedback
Spectos Complaint Management Ticket System on Tablet

Ticket creation & reaction

The Spectos RTPMTM Suite includes an integrated ticket system that automatically creates and categorizes critical ratings from your satisfaction surveys as tickets. Predefined escalation rules regulate the internal handling of the tickets. As soon as complaints are received, your responsible employees receive notification to ensure speedy processing and successful resolution.

Direct measures & ongoing improvement

Identify improvement potentials at an early stage by constantly keeping an eye on key figures for overall satisfaction, customer service, organization, know-how, competence and processing time. The continuous monitoring of important quality indicators enables you to implement appropriate measures. In this way, you will optimize your service quality day after day.

Supervision of complaint management
Teaser implementation phase through project management

Efficient Integration

Connect your existing ERP & CRM systems to compare complaint KPIs with the performance of individual operations. By implementing complaint rates into your complaint management system, you can successively improve your performance.