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Learn From Customer Complaints on a Daily Basis

Turn criticial customers into successful spokespeople

Customer complaints are often regarded as unpleasant and inconvenient. Contrary to popular belief, complaints are actually an especially valuable source of knowledge and reveal previously unrecognized and little-known areas for further improvement, making them one of the most important types of feedback a company can receive. Even if they might not be easy to hear, companies should regard complaints as a second chance instead of a final farewell. By sharing their experiences with you, customers are giving you the opportunity to change their minds and improve your services for good. They’re actually doing you a favor.

What’s the Best Plan of Action When Companies Receive a Complaint?

One of the most common reasons for complaints is the gap between expectations and reality, a common mishap that occurs on a daily basis, and that’s completely okay. The chances that you’re able to meet every customer’s individual expectations are slim to none.

But unfortunately, many businesses are missing out on the opportunity to measure and act on customer critism, resulting in a copious amount of negative feedback falling through the cracks amongst the increasing challenges organizations are facing today. However, whether you’re having trouble keeping up with myriad communication channels or don’t have any defined ways of communication at all, there’s a suitable solution for every business when it comes to processing and handling complaints.

Quickly solving problems and reducing friction is key to retaining customers and protecting your corporate reputation. Negative feedback does not have to be detrimental to success. How (and how quickly) you react to it is what really counts.

6 Challenges Companies Face When Dealing with Complaints, and How a Complaint Management System Solves Them

Challenge #1: It takes much too long to check each and every one of my company’s communication channels for new complaints!

Solution: Use your Complaint Management System to unify all of your customer touch points into one, easy-to-use system which centralizes customer feedback, eliminating the need for you to log into each communication channel separately and saving you valuable time!

Challenge #2: But I already have a(n) CRM/ERP System! It just doesn’t support complaint handling.

Solution: No problem. The right Complaint Management System will enable you to connect your ERP or CRM System and even integrate any previously existing data.

Challenge #3: I’m unsure which complaints my employees might have already taken care of.

Solution: No worries, you’re not the only one who’s missing a comprehensive overview of employee tasks and workflows. Benefit from an integrated ticket tool in your Complaint Management System to create one large to-do list accessible by all levels in your organization. Assign individual tasks to staff members to assure that they’re aware of their responsibilities – not only saving you time, but also a whole lot of headaches.

Challenge #4: Some customer complaints have completely slipped through the cracks, and now it’s way too late to restore the relationship.

Solution: This is by far one of the most common and daily challenges businesses face. Whether you were too late to discover a complaint-plagued online profile you never knew you had or simply took a short vacation and forgot to check your Yelp account for a few days, the only thing critical customers are unforgiving about is a long overdue reply. With integrated real-time alert technology, you can rest easy knowing that your Complaint Management System will inform you right away if and when a situation escalates or requires an employee’s immediate attention. Alert features also have the handy benefit of automating the monitoring process.

Challenge #5: I don’t have time to review every complaint personally.

Solution: High-quality Complaint Management Systems will provide you with insightful summaries on the topic of your overall business performance and development without requiring you to dig deep into heaps of data. In addition, serious providers will offer professional project management services and will be capable of providing you with comprehensive reports, saving you all the work but giving you all the results you need.

Put the customer at the center of your efforts by implementing a structured approach to capture complaints during each interaction and receive actionable performance insights. We’re more than happy to help.