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Video coding for Danish postal operator

Jan 14, 2021

Video coding for Danish postal operator

New case study: Bladcompagniet

We are proud to introduce our new case study about the successful cooperation of Spectos with Bladkompagniet! The Danish postal company has been benefiting from our video coding services since 2018.

With around half a billion shipments annually, efficient processes and flexible workflows are of utmost importance in the sorting centers of Denmark’s second largest postal company. Fluctuating mail volumes become a challenge when they contain large amounts of unreadable items. These shipments cannot be automatically assigned by the sorting machines and have to be individually decoded by employees. 


Therefore, in order to be able to work independently of fluctuating mail quantities and to avoid constant personnel and process adjustments, Bladkompagniet decided to outsource the video coding process in 2018. Since then, Spectos has been supporting the postal company with its digitization service for the postal and logistics industry.

We are proud to support yet another postal service provider in its quality development. More details on the project are revealed in the case study!

Case Study