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Domino’s Pizza Vietnam

“The continuous satisfaction of our customers is our core principle at Domino’s Pizza. The enterprise feedback management solution by Spectos allows for customers to easily give their feedback based on their preferred way of communication. Management has transparency on service quality and customer satisfaction at the push of a button from everywhere and at all times.“

Dang Lan Anh | Marketing Executive at Marketing Department | Domino’s Pizza Vietnam

About Domino’ Pizza

Domino’s Pizza, the second-largest pizza chain in the United States, was founded in the United States in 1960 and operates more than 14.000 stores in over 80 countries. It is known as the No. 1 pizza brand on delivery. The greatest share of sales is made of customers using Domino’s Pizza’s delivery service. The expert for pizza making and pizza delivery opened its first store in Vietnam, in the country’s largest city Ho Chi Minh City, on 19 November 2010. By December 2018, the number of stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City had grown to 36.

Challenge of paper-based surveys

In the past, Domino’s Pizza Vietnam relied on paper surveys at its stores to gather information on customer satisfaction. For this, paper questionnaires were placed on the tables of the stores. Despite the offer of attractive incentives in return for completing the survey, feedback collection didn’t occur regularly and the feedback response was low. Thus, Domino’s Pizza Vietnam sought a solution that would allow to collect a higher number of feedback, both via online and offline channels. A further requirement for the solution was to provide analyses and reportings based on the customers’ feedback to evaluate performance of all stores and NPS trend developments over time.

Happy Customers of Domino's Pizza Vietnam

Whether on site or from home: Using the multi-channel surveys by Spectos, customers of Domino’s Pizza Vietnam can easily give their feedback anywhere anytime.

Multiple channels to capture the voice of Domino’s Pizza’s customers

The decision was made for Spectos to be the solution provider for an enterprise feedback management system. Spectos has provided Domino’s Pizza Vietnam with a multi-channel customer feedback system to allow for an easy and flexible collection of the voice of their customers. At stores, Domino’s Pizza’s staff or Spectos surveyors are equipped with tablets and approach customers for their feedback after the meal. Customers can also leave their feedback via paper surveys on the table. The paper questionnaires are then digitized. Call-center agents of Domino’s Pizza are interviewing their customers per store daily as well and input the responses directly into the online system. Online customers can give feedback directly on Domino’s facebook fan page or on the website after completion of their order. Furthermore, call centers call customers for their feedback randomly every day.

Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score at a glance in real-time

Domino’s Pizza Vietnam initially tested the Feedbackstr enterprise feedback management system by Spectos for 6 months as pilot project. During this period, Spectos’ collaborators supported Domino’s Pizza in the collection of feedbacks at stores. A big increase in the number of customer feedback could be achieved during this time. After the successful pilot phase, a 1-year contract was signed with the decision, to apply the Feedbackstr system to all stores and for all online and offline channels such as call center, stores, website and Facebook fan page.

Tablet for feedback at Domino's Pizza Vietnam

On site the guests of Domino’s Pizza can give their feedback via Tablet

In addition to the multi-channel feedback system, Spectos has provided the Pizza expert with a web-based reporting system in the form of a real-time performance management platform. All customer feedback data is centrally collected and analyzed in a customized cockpit in real-time. The results from the feedbacks are used as KPIs to evaluate the performance of individual stores, service quality and staff. Management of Domino’s Pizza can assess customer satisfaction with products, services and staff at a glance. It can see the overall Net Promoter Score and benchmark all stores with each other. Furthermore, the real-time performance management cockpit contains an integrated ticket system for an efficient handling of customer complaints. Management also receives all feedback results in weekly and monthly summary reports per email as Excel and pdf files.

At the store level, store managers and supervisors can easily log into the account based on their individual access rights and monitor the satisfaction of their customers in real-time at a glance. The integrated ticket system helps store managers to discover and handle occurring problems and respond to customers as soon as they receive a critical feedback.


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