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Measuring customer satisfaction at Audi Zentrum Dresden

About Audi Zentrum Dresden

The range of services offered by Audi Zentrum Dresden includes maintenance and repair work as well as service consulting, leasing, sale and rental of Audi cars. As an Audi Top Service Partner for 2017, Audi Zentrum Dresden is a customer-centered dealership which places great emphasis on quality, competence and service.

How to overcome challenge of measuring customer satisfaction

Audi Zentrum Dresden had executed customer surveys via telephone in the past. This approach led to low numbers of feedback and an unclear view of customer satisfaction levels.

In order to counteract this, Spectos was approached to create with its automotive solutions a system in which customers could share their opinions on-site directly with the dealership. Spectos Automotive gave the opportunity to customers to provide immediate feedback after their service was complete. Another solution was the creation of multiple channels to listen and understand the customers satisfaction levels. These approaches motivated customers to participate and share their experiences more often.

Giving feedback made easy

In order to receive a customer’s opinion directly at the dealership, each customer received a tablet after service was completed on their vehicle. Additionally, to ensure all customer feedback was captured, a flyer with a QR code was placed in each customer’s car. This QR code linked to the survey online and gave the customer the comfort of answering questions at home or a later date.

Improved customer satisfaction

Audi Zentrum Dresden received invaluable feedback from this campaign. It was able to understand better its customers and their wishes for bettering services. The measures taken afterward led to a sustained improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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