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Our Approach

Scalability and flexibility

With the help of a lean, flexible and scalable approach, Spectos offers pragmatical solutions in the fields of market research, data analysis, technology, digitalisation and operations for complex challenges. Using the most up to date technologies, we combine customer opinions through Enterprise Feedback Management with operative data from ERP and CRM systems as well as specialized technologies such as real-time tracking, RFID systems or wifi-tracking. The combination of VoC (Voice of the customer) data and operative data guarantees a holistic overview of the performance of your organisation. The scalable cloud architecture of the system allows companies of all sizes to use that approach and even evaluates extensive volumes of data in real-time.

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Use the voice of your customer and improve customer relations

Give your customer a voice

Get more information about the thoughts of your customers. Our approach enables you to receive direct customer feedback via smartphones, tablets or touchscreens. Allow your customers to simply and quickly share their opinions through surveys with Spectos Feedbackstr technology, service-hotlines, support or mailings. Integrate your social media channels and analyze comments from your target group. With the help of our multi-channel surveys, you can measure customer satisfaction at selected touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Thanks to Voice of the Customer, you can derive specific measures to optimize your service quality.

Mobile approach with Satisfaction Survey via smartphone
Social Media Monitoring via Tablet as part of the Spectos approach

What do customers say about you?

Customers share their opinions about your company online. A good online reputation is a crucial step to become a trustworthy brand. To know what your customers write about you gives an overview of customer expectations. To better understand what your customers think helps you improve your online communication. Use our services for social media monitoring.

Understand customer behaviour through sensors

By leveraging existing data sources and comparing different data, you get deeper insights into your business and how your customers behave. Our goal is to help you get a look behind the scenes. In addition to traditional performance figures with automatic sensors, we want to open up absolute new perspectives. 

Digital society as the basis for the Spectos approach
Employee in the Support Center

Interact with your audience

We offer you technology and services from one source to complete the circle to the customer. Scientifically based measurements and data as well as the Voice of the customer create a unique combination and a new form of market research which integrates into customer contact processes. Every employee within the organization should know customer needs and wants to improve the performance.

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Help your employees to make the right decisions and provide real-time feedback

Precise measuring system

Check your performance with continuous quality monitoring day by day and identify trends on time. Our Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite was developed to measure specific operative service performance. You can choose to either focus on single stores, departments, projects or analyze your whole organization. Directly integrate your KPIs in operative processes and check the status of your actions. The approach of our solution enables a comparison between your results and past data or with your competitor’s.

Data analysis at the hospitality cockpit
Spectos ticket system is part of the approach

Manage your tickets and tasks

To only measure is not enough to improve performance. Our software provides you with suitable actions you can directly apply based on evaluations and analysis. Get your employees and team on board and provide the right tools at the right time. Thanks to our integrated ticket system, no tasks are lost and complaints can be dealt with promptly and efficiently, a simple and efficient tool for your quality management to increase the performance straight away.

Alert in critical cases

Set alerts for your organization. The system will send you notifications based on individual parameters for you and your team so that you can identify problems right when they arise and react accordingly- an early warning system for your company.

Notification on tablet as part of the approach of Spectos
To work in a team together is important within the Spectos approach

Access for all teams

Together you can achieve more. Our software was developed to make performance data accessible for everyone who works on the assurance of service quality. Share evaluations, notifications, data depending on the responsible area and invite team members easily and quickly.

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Incorporate all teams from employees to managers into the performance optimization

Have access every time and everywhere

The system ensures that managers and teams have access to data and evaluations via smartphone, tablet and laptop whenever they want. Our unique One-Page cockpits help to keep an overview no matter time and location.

Permanent Monitoring as part of the Spectos approach
Key Performance Indicators at the Hospitality Cockpit

Relevant analysis and reports

Flexible and intelligent cockpits, dashboards and scorecards allow visualisation of your data.
The system makes adjustments to your requirements-not the other way around. It is designed for continuous usage. Timelines, comparison periods, top flop lists and benchmarks are available with just one click without additional effort. In that way, you can always access your data efficiently.

Real-time analysis

Use our comprehensive reports and analysis tools for all your data. Accurate results are compiled for you automatically in real-time. Thus, you can focus entirely on the improvement of your performance and quality assurance. Our team develops reports individually tailored to your subjects.

Reporting in the RTPM cockpit as a central approach of Spectos
Six Sigma circle as a symbol for the Spectos approach

Performance management

The system is adapted by our experts with your processes and organisation. Track the performance of your processes, regions, stores, departments and find out exactly where potential improvements lie. With our approach which is based on Six Sigma, you get full control over your performance and your data in real-time.

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Our solution

Optimize your business processes and service quality with our approach

A high service quality is the basis for long term success of a company and to differentiate yourself from the competition. Our custom-made solutions are scalable for every company. Our team supports you with continuous control of your service quality.