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Long-term measurements for long-term success: Spectos Panel Management

Ensure you’re receiving high quality, objective results for your measurement by using reliable participants. We are experienced in building panels and are glad to assist you in creating a panel according to your needs. Over 200,000 participants across the world are involved in our studies, and they’ve already provided us with over 10,000,000 responses.

Your advantages with Spectos Panel Management

  • better handling of causal questions
  • qualitative analysis over a defined period of time
  • Selection of relevant target groups
  • valuable basis for quality assurance and optimization
  • comprehensive quality controls
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Professional panel management for highest possible quality

Our panel is comprised of over 200,000 measurement participants from all possible countries and classes. We not only assist you in building a customized panel tailored to fit your individual measurement demands, but also use our expertise to keep your panel constantly up to date and manage individual interactions with your participants. Receive actionable and high-quality results for your measurements through constant quality controls of all and single sets of data, as well as constant maintenance and supervision of the entire panel.

Panel Design: Define the correct target group according to your needs

The Spectos panel “Mailagenten” is comprised of hundreds of thousands of study participants, helping us generate responses for measurements and predict future trends. The information they provide us and our clients with all types of services to be improved, quality to be measured, products to be fixed, and information on various topics to be gathered.

Study participants for Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping
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Panel Building: Receive responses to steer your measurement

Our extensive participant data is updated frequently, which not only reduces screening costs, but also enables you to contact participants for your study quickly and easily. Our panel is representative of the most influential groups in modern society. Depending on the research goal, relevant panelists are contacted and asked to participate in our studies and surveys, enabling us to reach individual targets quickly.

Panel Quality: Quality controls to ensure the reliable measurement of quality

We are constantly adjusting and updating our panel to be able to offer our clients the best panel possible at a competitive cost. Unlike other types of commercial online panels, we do not solely recruit through online marketing, but also through targeted telephone acquisition. We train all study participants to ensure that the results captured are as reliable and representative as possible. In addition to that, we have developed a multi-phase quality ranking process to monitor every participant’s response quality.

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Let us help you with

  • Regular ranking, rating of study participant quality
  • Continuous verification of panelist data
  • Definition, analysis, and creation of measurement-specific KPIs
  • Creation, maintenance, and management of an incentive program to motivate participants
  • Ticketing systems for improved efficiency