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Spectos Lettershop: In-house production of test items for transit time measurements

Test items are an important instrument for measuring transit times and checking the delivery quality of postal items. The Spectos Lettershop is set up to produce test mailings for transit time measurements. Benefit from an easy and convenient provision of your test consignments with our in-house lettershop.

Your advantages by using the Spectos Lettershop

  • Complete transit time measurement from one service provider: production, implementation and evaluation of measurement results
  • No need of further cooperation partners for the production of test consignments
  • In-depth control of test consignments to ensure valid data acquisition
  • Responsible handling of personal data
  • High reliability of measurement results
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Maximum comfort and valid measurement results with the Spectos Lettershop

The test letters to be sent are physically prefabricated by our in-house Spectos Lettershop. We handle all preparatory work for your transit time measurement: We print, envelope and bundle your test consignments per feeder and day of dispatch. In order to ensure that real mail and test items cannot be distinguished, name and address of the corporate customer are printed as sender in the address window of the test letters. If necessary, individual envelopes from senders will be used.

Preparation at the Lettershop
Preparation for transit time measurements by Lettershop employees

To rule out measurement errors, all test items are thoroughly checked for correctness of the data before dispatch. The Spectos Lettershop delivers then the ready-to-send test items to the respective customers of the letter service as feed-in point. From this moment on, your transit time measurement begins. The test letters cannot be distinguished from real mail items after induction into the mail stream. The test consignments are transported in the same way as the real consignments.

Transit time measurements make it possible to check service quality and derive quality-enhancing measures. Furthermore, they serve as proof of compliance with applicable European standards for letter delivery times in accordance with EN 13850 and EN 14534.

Test consignments for checking delivery quality

Service portfolio of Spectos Lettershop

  • Production, processing and induction of test consignments
  • Production of insertion log
  • Production control: Check of created test consignments in the letter shop
  • Compilation of bundles and text packages
  • Sorting in our own sorting centre or by the freight forwarder  
  • Transport to the partners in the delivery network   
  • Delivery to addressed and unaddressed recipients
  • Daily notification of shipper on delivered test packages
  • Tracking of dispatch of test letters by feeders through Spectos Service Center
  • Tracking of receipt of test letters by recipients through Spectos Service Center