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User expectations for the German market: Spectos presents the Mailbox Monitor 2019 

Sep 5, 2019

User expectations for the German market: Spectos presents the Mailbox Monitor 2019 

Today there’s an event highlight in Frankfurt! Once again the conference mailingtage 2019 will attract numerous visitors to discuss a central issue: What determines and characterizes our activities of tomorrow?

Spectos plays a major role at the leading event for cross-media and dialogue marketing with a special speech by CEO Niels Delater. In his opening presentation he will discuss the mailbox as important touchpoint of the customer journey and its potential for users, senders and postal service providers. His speech is based on the results of the most recent market research by Spectos, the Mailbox Monitor 2019, the results of which are made public at the mailingtage 2019 for the first time. 

Spectos Mailbox Monitoring 2019

The results of the survey designed by Spectos show the behavior and expectations of users of postal services in Germany when receiving letters and goods. In today’s digital age, this knowledge is indispensable especially for advertising companies and postal service providers to improve their service quality. Based on the results of the Mailbox Monitor 2019, service providers can gain valuable insights into how to optimize their marketing campaigns and delivery services to best reach their target groups in the German market.

Spectos conducted the survey among the participants of the Spectos panel. More than 1.700 users answered 30 questions related to the future of the mailbox and their expectations of receiving letters and goods from online orders. 

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