Flexible, reliable, free of charge: The booming e-commerce brings along high consumer expectations for parcel delivery

Ordered today, delivered today? Despite many innovations for the last mile, this service promise has not yet turned into a reality in the German market. The reality is that consumer demands for delivery and the services offered by parcel service providers often not match. Nearly 1,500 consumers answered on their demands and expectations for service quality in parcel delivery in our E-Commerce Monitor 

Innovative developments for alternative delivery models on the last mile are sprouting. From drones to electric cars to robot dogs: the parcel delivery of the future is testing a multitude of approaches, always with the goal of achieving greater efficiencies, lowering resources and costs and lessening the impact on the environment. But what about the consumers? Are the primarily technological advances in parcel delivery in line with consumer demands and expectations? What is their attitude towards “anonymous” deliveries? Do consumer demands for  parcel delivery vary depending on age group and life situation? For detailed insights into consumer expectations, Spectos conducted among its market research panel a comprehensive survey monitor in December 2018, picking up on the peak in online retailing during the Christmas season.

The questions geared towards experiences and expectations with the delivery of online purchases were answered by 1,449 study participants. The results of the Spectos E-Commerce Monitor are now available – with interesting findings!

Infographics of Spectos E-Commerce Monitor

Service is the trump card: Most valued are flexibility and reliability of service

For consumers, a good service includes reliable and flexible delivery. They want to know exactly where there package is at the moment and when the delivery will take place. Although most are currently content with the provided level of status information, parcel services will no longer be able to avoid online real-time tracking of a parcel delivery and notification by e-mail or SMS. The need for flexibility is reflected in the demand for precisely definable time windows for delivery and also for the self-determination of an alternative delivery location. Such approaches are very popular with respondents when it comes to evaluating future delivery models. On the other hand, it seems that deliveries that encroach on the privacy of consumers – for example, delivery to the trunk of a car or to the home when they are absent – meet with little acceptance.

Money, money, money …

Consumers generally expect parcel delivery and parcel return to be free of charge. However, there is a willingness  to pay for extra services such as deliveries during off-hours and on public holidays. Reasons are certainly many and varied and can only be assumed at this point. Causes can be assumed to be a lack of mobility, time inflexibility or absence from home during the week.

From the results of the E-Commerce Monitor, interesting questions can be derived for the services offered by parcel service providers. The survey offers possible approaches for the strategic further development of postal and logistics service providers.

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