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Sustainable Product Development & Technology

We develop our technologies and products based on agile development methods. This enables us to regularly check and question the technologies used and required. Developing what the customer actually wants and uses saves both human and technical resources.

EcoVadis quality seal in silver for Spectos

In addition to the technical dimension, the economic, ecological, individual and social dimensions are also included in the development of all services as part of the sustainability strategy. Only in this way do we believe we can develop sustainable products for our customers and society.

The EcoVadis quality seal in silver proves that we succeed in harmonizing economic, social and ecological activities!

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Test-driven development for lean solutions

The implemented Test-Driven Development as the basis for Clean Code and Simplicity (simple and lean – not fully comprehensive and bloated) ensures sustainability in the Spectos Product Development Process. The use of established technologies with a large community and experience ensures long-term support and long-term applicability of the developed services.

Test-driven development ensures sustainability in the Spectos product development process
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Making products and services sustainable

Spectos is a quality service provider - quality assurance has its beginning in our work. Our aspiration: To provide our developments and services with the optimal mix of reliability, effectiveness and efficiency in order to create the best conditions for achieving the goals of our customers.

The Spectos RTPM™ Suite is one of the innovative Spectos technologies

Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite

The Spectos RTPM™ Suite software platform, developed in-house, has been developed from the very beginning under consideration of environmental preservation, efficiency & sufficiency as well as a consistency strategy, so that it moves us forward with regard to the goals of sustainable development.

Project Management & Customizing

In order to successfully implement solutions at the customer’s site and to accompany customers during the introduction and customizing phase, we offer Success Packs, which provide initial and ongoing support through a design and implementation process.

Tailor-made solutions with Spectos Project Management & Customizing
Professional support services at Spectos


Parallel to the Spectos RTPM™ Suite and project management we offer professional support services to complete our solutions. The services range from call center and hotline services to data entry and digitization services.