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Focus on Environmental Protection for a Sustainable Company

Environmental protection is one of the corporate principles and a sustainability strategy of Spectos GmbH. As a company and member of the UN Global Compact we commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of operational environmental protection and to the greatest possible prevention of environmental pollution.

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Environmental protection is not detached from our other goals, but is an integral part of our long-term corporate strategy and is directed at all areas of economic activity as well as social responsibility.

We bring economic, social and ecological actions into harmony with each other – as evidenced by the EcoVadis quality seal in silver!

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Let's go green - Environmental Protection Measures & Instruments at Spectos

  • We assign environmental protection to the priority corporate objectives and include it in the principles for managing the company (BSC). Realization is seen as a continuous process.
  • We comply with environmental laws, ordinances and regulations. Beyond this claim, we strive to use the best available technology that meets environmental standards within the scope of our economic possibilities in order to avoid any negative impact of our work on the environment.
  • We inform our employees in detail about environmental aspects and motivate them to behave in an environmentally conscious manner and place special emphasis on environmental protection in our business processes.
  • Environmental protection expertise is organized by the management in such a way that comprehensive information and involvement in all decisions is ensured.
  • We develop, monitor and optimize processes and services in order to minimize risks and environmental harm. Measures are taken to reduce the use of energy, operating materials and other natural resources.
  • The effects of existing environmentally relevant vehicles will be entrepreneurial decisions, so that Spectos’ own fleet is operated exclusively with electric vehicles.
  • We include suppliers and external companies in the environmental protection and energy concept of Spectos GmbH. When selecting our suppliers, we always make sure that they are certified according to DIN ISO 14001 or provide products from companies that are certified according to the latest ISO 14001 standards and meet all necessary environmental requirements.
  • We record, document and assess our activities that have an impact on the environment. Corresponding targets and measures for improvements are derived from this.
  • We ensure that our guidelines and environmental goals are observed at all Spectos GmbH locations.
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We have continuously improved with regard to all the key figures collected in the environmental field in the last 5 years.

  • Economical use of resources and decreasing resource consumption.
  • Through our guidelines, we attach great importance to the selection of environmentally friendly forms of mobility.
  • Our fleet consists of electric & hybrid vehicles.

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