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5 good reasons to use GSM live trackers

Minh Phan

Minh Phan


5 good reasons to use GSM live trackers
Minh Phan

Minh Phan


Global tracking data in real-time: Not only logistics players with complex supply chains benefit from GSM live tracking solutions

The advantages of GSM live trackers are obvious: In contrast to GPS trackers, they have a long lifetime (autonomy of up to 1 year!) and low operating costs; unlike RFID, no infrastructure investments are required. Motion and position data can be transmitted from anywhere in the world where there are mobile networks and WiFi. In addition to clear advantages for the logistics industry with its complex supply chains, there are many other areas of application for the trackers the size of a credit card. Let’s take a look!

Having transparency in complex networks: Live trackers for logistics companies

Supply chains of postal and logistics companies are usually composed of a complicated set-up of many partners and companies. In these complex networks a lack of transparency regarding processes in the various areas of responsibility is common, and the causes of loss times often lie in the dark.

Measurements with GSM live tracker technologies can form the foundation for data-based quality monitoring, enabling detailed investigations of logistics processes. When does a shipment arrive at a depot, when does it leave again? Which route between sorting centers is best?

For parcel shipments, for example, real-time tracking can provide complete information about the entire delivery process. For this, a live tracker within a parcel reliably sends position information at predefined measurement intervals, even if the parcel is in a truck or building.

Live trackers enable precise insights into delivery, handover, sorting and logistics processes within complex networks. When used for quality monitoring purposes by integrators such as Spectos, it is possible to detect deviations and irregularities in the supply chain on the basis of real-time reports and to react immediately to alerts. Based on tracker data, specific questions regarding process flows and delays can be answered and a better understanding of structures and processes within the supply chain is guaranteed.

Minimizing the risk of damage and loss: How insurance companies can use live trackers to their advantage

The ability to reliably monitor valuable goods and shipments is attractive to insurance companies because identifying those responsible for claims is often a lengthy process. Live tracker data makes it easy to find out where the damage occurred in the process chain and who was in charge of the shipment at the time. In addition, the use of live tracking solutions can help insurance companies uncover and optimize critical situations within the supply chain and minimize potential losses.

Optimizing manufacturing processes: Live trackers for the automotive industry

For the automotive industry, complete supply chain transparency is crucial for just-in-time production. Live trackers provide the necessary transparency and predictability. The components required for production can be closely tracked to minimize the risk of loss, plan production processes and optimize coordination with subcontractors and transport partners. When delivery parts are delayed, real-time alerts are triggered, allowing downstream processes to be adjusted and the causes of the delay in the supply chain to be analyzed. In addition, the trackers can be installed in finished vehicles to locate the vehicles until delivery.

Staying on-top: Efficient Container Management with Live Trackers

The loss of a leading logistics company amounted to up to 1 billion Euros per year due to not knowing the locations of its containers. A management of the container fleet that can react flexibly to supply and demand requirements is the key to operational efficiency and cost reduction in the highly competitive container logistics market. Thanks to low operating costs, large container fleets can be equipped with live trackers at affordable prices. The trackers send data both indoors and outdoors, so that the exact position of a particular container can be determined at any time, anywhere in the world where there are mobile networks or Wi-Fi available. The tracker information is also sent from inside buildings. Thus, container inventory is carried out at the push of a button, enabling efficient fleet management, cost reduction and better service offers for customers.

Securing against theft: Live trackers for locating rental cars and other high-end machines

For rental car companies it is important to keep an eye on their own vehicles when it comes to adhering to contract conditions. An unauthorized journey abroad with a rental vehicle can be quickly detected with live trackers. Require no external power supply, GSM live trackers can be hidden anywhere in a vehicle, which makes them ideal for car rental services. As they require very little energy and work for months without power, they are invaluable for theft protection of rental cars and any high-value equipment. The wide geographical coverage of live trackers allows vehicles to be located abroad, even if they are parked in a garage or hidden in a container. Vehicles can be reported immediately in the event of suspected theft and can be tracked in real-time, thus supporting police investigations. For a leading car rental company in Europe, the vehicle location with live trackers has resulted in a significantly higher rate of theft investigations and secured rental cars.

To sum it up

Application scenarios for live tracking solutions with live GSM trackers are varied and endless and range from shipment tracking, inventory and asset management, quality monitoring to process and project coordination. They can be applied in any case where more visibility and transparency in networks and supply chains is required. Are you interested in finding out how our Kizy trackers can be of added value for your business performance? We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

Picture: Pixabay