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Video Coding for Parcel and Mail Services

Outsource Video Coding to Gain Flexibility and Reduce Costs

Spectos offers video coding services for all letters and parcels that cannot be assigned by sorting machines. Using VC services means that no adjustments to work processes or personnel resources are required when mail volumes change due to holidays and other external factors. Postal service providers thus become independent of dynamic mail volumes. Outsourcing VC ensures that delivery times are met, processes are scalable and parcel and mail service providers can operate effectively and efficiently throughout the year.

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Stable delivery times and scalable processes

Of all shipments, 3 - 7 % cannot be processed automatically by sorting machines. Spectos supports you with video coding services.

Sorting of letters and parcels – process flow

Sorting run of Spectos video coding

Quickly decrypt unassignable letters and parcels: This is how video coding works

For letters and parcels that cannot be assigned by the sorting machine, Spectos has developed a solution that can be easily integrated into your existing letter sorting system. All common sorting systems and VC platforms (BlueCrest, Siemens, Böwe, Bell & Howell etc.) are supported by our processes. The decoding of the shipments is completed no later than 30 minutes after sorting. VC takes place via remote session in real-time, which avoids processing delays in the sorting center.

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Guaranteed deliveries

Video coding services by Spectos can be integrated into the daily or nightly operations of all postal service providers so that there are no disruptions in the delivery process.

VC Benefits

  • Scalability & efficiency of processes during peak times
  • Flexibility for high and low mail volumes and holiday peaks
  • Reduced costs and greater efficiencies
  • Higher sorting quality results in improved transit times
  • No personnel adjustments due to fluctuating quantities required
  • All common systems are supported: BlueCrest, Siemens, Böwe, Bell & Howell
  • Compliance with all EU privacy policies (specifically General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS 27001:2003

This is how VC works

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